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from the heat power To 26,000 jobs for the anti-graft helpline: But for Some bumps, Punjab CM Man government reaches the ground

from the ad Free power up to 300 units for every home in Punjab from July 1, to approve Recruitment of Young in over 26000 jobsto purge the doorstep rationing system, the Aam Aadmi Party led by Bhagwant Man (AAP) government seems to have hit earth run in Her early days while striving to achieve partyThe main “Warranties” given to people Through campaign for Assembly elections in February 2022.

After AAP swept Punjab elections 92 out of The total 117 seats in Amazing victory, man took over Like Chief Minister on March 16.

On the occasion of the AAP government, the forty-seventh day in officeMan’s cabinet during its meeting on Monday, approved filling up of 26,454 Posts in various Country government departments.

man government Selected these jobs include of group a B C in departments including home affairsschool education, health, power and technical education. The government she has also I decided there would be no interview for The group recruiting c.

Leading AAP Survey campaign as her CM faceMann vowed that if the voters would do it give for him party Authorization rule And he handed him the green pen. first ordering will sign with will have to clear Careers for State unemployed youth. after swearing an oath in Like CMfor him first announcement It was about saving 25000 government Careers for Young.

The Mann government, at its meeting on Monday, put its stamp on it of Assent on on suggestion Delivery of quotas at peoplethresholds very.

He. She also Agree on one-legislator-one-pension base, and thus discarded with Multiple pensions for Mutual legal assistance that was implemented by previous governments. This was among the promises of the AAP made Previously. With access to many legislators more From 3 lakh rupees pension Per month in a debt- deprived country like Punjab, this turned into a great politician issue in the state.

at one of his early decisions like CMman announced Anti-corruption helpline. decided to impose a ceiling on Height in school fees. he is also He asked state officials to go to the field and hear grievances of The people in belts all of them. to deal with The menace of gangsters in State, AAP government she has set up Anti-gang mission force.

The government she has also announced bonus of 1500 rupees per acre for farmers who Direct seeding will be adopted of rice (DSR) in In order to conserve groundwater depleted groundwater. drying up of The aquifers were essential issue in the state, with Blame the rice crop for over-Exploit of Water Resources.

AAP’s key Election pledge to give 1,000 rupees per month for every Punjab woman over the age of 18, which will have a huge impact on Treasury, not yet met. social Security minister Dr. Baljit Kaur recently announced that the next country budget will roll over out This is amazing cash Charity scheme.

exempt man decision to settle services of 35,000 contract employees also after i see light of Today, even like that move mayo face legal obstacles.

During her short tenure thus far, AAP government It has raised many controversies as well. Recently, a fight broke out out When Punjab signed a memorandum of understanding with Delhi on sharing of knowledge between them, with some AAP critics Questioning how The border state can share “Secret Matters” with another country.

controversy erupted on April 11, when AAP supremo, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting of Punjab officials from whom Man has remained absent, with Kejriwal’s drawing fire from various Quarters for make an alleged attempt to “remote-control ‘man government.


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