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From drones to flak jackets for Armed Forces, Center clears arms purchase offer worth 28,732 crores | India news

New Delhi: Ministry of Defense on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to military Modernization projects, including procurement of Swarm of drones and flak jacketsquarter battle (CBQ) carbines, combined worth 28,732 crores.
Defense Acquisition Board led by Rajnath Singh (DAC) Grant admission of Necessity (AoN), which is first step in Long-running arms procurement process, for various projects under Buy-Indian IDDM (Locally Designed and developed Manufactured) and Purchase (Indian).
The main Takeaway was a nod for induction of Four lakh modern CQB carbines, which army Claiming since 2005, by “Make in India’ project to me “combat The current complex model of Conventional and Hybrid Warfare and Counter-Terrorism “At the Borders with Pakistan and China. “This will provide a major impetus for small Weapon manufacturing in India and the promotion of “atmanirbharta” (self-reliance) in small arms, “A official He said.
Pointing to that drone technology prove that force-multiple in Recent struggles across worldThe official He said 700 crore purchases of “Independent Monitoring and Armed Drone Squadrons” were awarded by DAC under the Buy (Indian-IDDM) category to increase the capacity of the Army in modern warfare.
considering the demand of  benefactor protection against the threat of enemy Snipers for our forces deployed along the line of control and in close combat operations in Anti-terror scenario, she was AoN also granted for bulletproof vests with Indian Standard BIS VI of protection in cost of 700 crores.
three more suggestions of Army, guided long-range rocket munition, deprived area munition type I, infantry fighting vehicle – command was designed And the developed by DRDO. The total the value of These three offers are Rs 8,599 crore. Guided extended-range rocket munitions range of 75 km with Accuracy of 40 m. It contains Type 1 air-denier missile ammunition dual Submunition capable purpose of Neutralize both tanks and armored vehicles personnel As well as transport companies b vehicle entrenched forces. Infantry fighting vehicle – driving equipped with technology to collect, publish, share and the present real-time information For leaders to facilitate fast decision industry for execution of tasks. , officials said.
The NavyProposal for the purchase of an improved marine gas turbine generator with a capacity of 1250 kW for Kolkata class of Warships through Indian industry also I got the nod. “This will give Big boost to local manufacturing of Gas turbine generators.
DAC also agreed to the proposal for Buy of 14 fast- escort ships for Coast Guard Under Procurement (Indian-IDDM) with 60% original content in In order to enhance security in the coast region of Country.

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