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From Chintan Shivirs, Anthony’s Paintings, and Anth-heen Conversations

While the upper echelon of the Congress heads to Udaipur in Rajasthan in A few days from now to search for big Ideas to win voters back and find way for Biology in The run-up In the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, here’s something to think about.

Between 1996 and 2004, when the conference in the opposition for similar duration, and party Hold two chintan shivirs – Pachmarhi in 1998 and Shimla in 2003 – one AICC session and two AICC special sessions.

Even when it was in power From 2004 to 2014, party Organized five secret meetings – Shavir Chintan in Jaipur, two AICC sessions, a plenary and a special session.

strangely, in The last Eight years – perhaps the hardest phase in The last party history – I just held one national Conclave, AICC Plenary 2018 session in Delhi. Constitution of Congress on plenary session says a “session of Congress usually meets once in Three years at that time and place decided by the Action Committee or the AICC as the case may be.”

This collapse in group thinking, strategy Making and soul searching is confusing given that party He lost the election after the election and couldn’t attend up with a big idea or narrative catch The imagination of voters.

Let’s take a look at another aspect.

In 2007, soon after extrapolation of Rahul Gandhi in the organization as a general secretary – in His cause after deciding to be an office bearer – Sonia Gandhi set up A 13 members group to consider future challenges. The group It was a combination of Veterans and young The leaders and their task was to draw up The future road map of The grand old or old party.

Rahul was also a member also ancient warrior like M Veerappa Moily, Digvijaya Singh, Vayalar Ravi, Anand Sharma, Mukul Wasnik, Salman Kurshid, Jairam Ramamesh and young guns like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Sachin Pilot, and Sandeep Dikshit.

The group in his report year Later responded called for In-party reforms including internal elections and the strengthening of the democratic party to renew the organization, building Strong cadre base and reconfiguration party into a powerful grassroots organization. The report has been gathering dust ever since.

no one I have seen the report and no one knows if there is any of His proposals were implemented.

Then comes the famous Jean Anthony. after 1999 general Election defeat, Sonia Gandhi set up An 11-member panel chaired by AK Anthony to determine the causes for defeat. Among the members were Mane Shenkar Ayaar, Motilal Vora, Prime Minister Said and PR Dasmondi.

The committee has reportedly suggested a series of organizational and structural changes.

This report was shown to the Congressional Action Committee (CWC), which gave its approval, but not much changed in The party. The panel It has been suggested that candidates for Lok Sabha elections are completed, if not announced and six months in progress and that for Association surveys are chosen three months in advance, so they have had enough time to prepare. This was never performed.

else key The proposal was to hold elections at all levels, including in The Chemical Weapons Convention, which panel Hair is no longer represented body. But CWC members continue to be nominated by the conference chair. Report was also suggest stability up Alliances in States in which Congress has been exceptionally weak.

After 1999, Anthony got the job of Introspection three times – in 2008 and 2012 after defeating the Lok Sabha in 2014. But no oneNot even the senior leaders have heard anything since. in fact in Circles of Congress Jean Anthony sarcastically called “Endless (Endless) Jean Anth-Hen”.

Rahul Gandhi also tried to get his hand changes.

he is set out In order to “democratize” the Youth Congress and NSUI, and to hold internal elections in that it various State units to end the nomination culture but there was resistance from the old guard. the two outfits Elections are still taking place but in In a completely different format. at factRahul himself later admitted to being “crucified.” for which – which.

“I am the person who I pushed the election in youth organization and student The organization was hit hard in the press for which – which. I was literally crucified for conduct elections. I was attacked by my own party people. I am the first The person who says Democratic elections within party She is definitely critical but what is interesting to me is that this question is not asked to any other politician party,” He said in 2021 during interaction with American university.

Interestingly, Rahul himself is now facing charges of taking decisions in unilaterally with His sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra without consulting other leaders.

Message 23 senior calling the leaders for changes and presentation made By Election Strategist Prashant Kishore Hum latest Examples of Ideas or suggestions for fixes facing resistance.

else yearGandhi was set up Another committee to consider party . defeat in Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Puducherry. Contents of Reports of That committee – which was chaired by Ashok Chavan, with Salman Khurshid, Manish Tiwari, Vincent Bala, and Joti Mani as its members – and actions taken on is it also unknown, like Several previous commissions.

So there was no dearth of Suggestions, ideas, or for of interest to teams, groups or committees, but fact remains That Congress who like main opposition party should Ideally, it is positioned itself where the change agent rejects the change and resists calls for Reforms, both from within and outside. So what another shivir chintan will achieve is his vision. No wonder a large section of leadership remains skeptical of The party start in No meaningful change.


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