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French brutality is to blame, not Brexit for chaos in Dover

Queues of travelers and truck drivers in Dover and Folkestone waiting to cross the English Channel, latest manifestation of summer of transport location. The trains were hit strikes and will again in coming weeks. Airports have been severely affected by a shortage of staff, which has affected the number of of flight and baggage claim for those lucky enough to get one.

Airlines must bear some responsibility for selling places they couldn’t handle, and for styling off too many employees during a pandemic. Now they find it hard recruit.

But pandemonium in the Channel ports of different order. At the moment of year will inevitably be far away more people travel. This past weekends and next busiest when families leave on holidays after school holidays up. But the French border guards who must check passports of vacationers and documents of truck drivers failed prepare. Too few officials applied up to deal with with in flood of travelers on Friday, bringing problems mount.

The French authorities denied responsibility, saying that France did not responsible for Brexit. But it had nothing to do with Brexit. There was always a border between them countries because the UK has never been in Schengen Area. This could have been entirely avoided if the French had played their part fully, but it is suspected that, since with asylum seekers across the English Channel, Paris is happy to see the UK face difficulties that can be blamed on in decision leave the EU.

After Brexit, Boris Johnson loved of saying that our “friends” in Europe will see mutual benefits of continuing to be polite to each other. Not France, it seems.

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