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Free me from the harsh mail, give the minister of Rajasthan Ashok Chandna to Ashok Gilot

Rajasthan Minister Ashok Chandna is SLA from Bundi


a minister near Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot expressed his anger against The state bureaucracy expanded to step down.

In a tweet, Rajasthan Minister Ashok Chandna appealed to Mr. Gilot to be relieved of the ministry. post and for give All departments to Kuldeep Ranka, Principal Secretary to Mr. Gehlot.

Mr. Chandna is the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs, Skills Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Disaster Management and Relief in Rajasthan.

Honorable Chief Minister, I have a personal request for you to release me from this cruel ministerial postthe charge of all my sections should To Kuldeep Ranka ji, because anyway he is minister of all sections. Thank you,” Mr. Chandna tweeted in Indian.

Mr Chandna’s complaint, who He is the MLA of Bundi, and comes days after a feud between a Rajasthan tribal chief and MLA Ganesh Ghogra with state bureaucracy over Land deed distribution.

Al-Ghagra, President of the Youth Conference in the state who Dungarpur . represents in board resigned on May 18 says so despite being an MLA of judgment partyis ignored.

Minutes after the tweet of Mr. Chandna, BJP President of Rajasthan Satish Punya took Criticism of the Congress Party leader, referring to the scheduled council elections in late 2023.

“The ship is sinking… directions for 2023 is starting to arrive,” Mr. Bonya tweeted in Indian.

to me Chief MinisterMinisters and MLAs are upset with State bureaucracy is a matter of Worried as he heads to Rajya Sabha elections where all vote Decisive.

slightest political turmoil in Rajasthan also raises concerns like party Poorly balanced between Ashok Gilot and his younger rival Sachin Pilot.

Conference in Find another term in Rajasthan voted out office holder party in every election over The last Three decades.


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