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FPAK launches Portugal's New Energy Championship

Evidence for 100% electric vehicles has the starting shot with the Oeiras Eco Rally-Portugal

The Championship of Portugal of New Energies in motorsport that will be born this year will consist of four stages that will celebrate a “100% electric” competition.

The announcement was made in this Tuesday by the Portuguese Federation of Automobilism and Karting (FPAK, according to Lusa), stating that this championship “follows what had already started in 2019 with the Portugal Cup of New Energies” and will be disputed “through four regularity tests with fully decarbonized vehicles. ”

The new competition starts between June 18th and 20th, with the Oeiras Eco Rally-Portugal, inserted in the FIA ​​Electric New Energy Championship – championship organized by the International Federation do Automóvel (FIA).

Subsequently, the drivers dispute the Eco Race Proença-a-Nova, from July 24 to 25, the Rota N2 Electric, from 6 to 7 November, and end with the UVE Circuit, at a place and date yet to be defined.

The new event “with environmental and ecological concerns” has, according to FPAK, “eyes on the future when innovating and creating conditions for a sustainable society” Only 100% electric vehicles are allowed.


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