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Fox & Friends’ Steve Doucey Accuses Donald Trump of Secret Files

  • Fox News host Peter Doocy wondered aloud why Trump kept ‘all this secret things in Mar-a-Lago.”
  • Dusi said he can’t remember a single president off”so many files at one time in office.
  • He also asked why Trump didn’t just hand over the documents over given their classification nature.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doucey latest media ally of former President Donald Trump to call his out over FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

During Wednesday episode of in show, Dusi asked South Dakota Gov. Christy Noem, another Trump ally, for take her on raid on Mar-a-Lago — but not before wondering aloud why Trump didn’t pass over documents for government as well as instead took them to Florida home.

“Well, after all, down why does he need all this secret in Mar-a-Lago? Dusi asked.

He referred to Trump’s statement about declassifying files through a standing order and indicated out what is this defense didn’t hold up as intended move was also “news agencies to which these documents belong.

“He apparently had three secret documents. in his desk,” Dusi said, referring to the Justice Department’s lawsuit. on raid.

Dusi also refers to a photograph released by the Department of Justice. of vertex-secret the documents found in Mar-a-Lago.

“It shows five yellow folders marked “top” secret,’ and another one with what says ‘secret SCI” which means “Sensitive Separated information”, – said Dusi. – These are the largest secrets in in world.”

Noem tried to defend Trump by calling for more transparency in Department of Justice investigation. However, Dusi sidestepped her argument and stated, “I don’t think any president has ever driven off that many of their documents house after they left presidency”.

Dusi just one of many members of Rupert Murdoch media empire who apparently changed their position on supporting Trump in recent weeks. Last month, Fox News host Eric Sean asked loudly during live broadcast if Trump could try to “sell or share” classified information with Russia or Saudi Arabia.

In July Trump also expressed his dissatisfaction with “Fox and Friends” performance show he was known to make almost weekly calls with during his presidency. In truthful social post he called the conversation show “terrible” and said that he “darkened sideafter Dusi questioned the results of his poll.

These rumors from Fox News hosts could signal shift in Relationship of the Murdoch Empire to Trump. This week, for one, former the president raged against Murdoch-owned New York Post over published an article entitled “Republicans lucky have Mitch McConnell: Trump’s complaints are more than ridiculous.”

Mail also condemned trump in editorial in July, calling him “unworthy to be the head of the executive branch of this country.” againAlso, the Wall Street Journal, another publication owned by Murdoch, called Trump “a president who stood still.” on January 6th, praising former Vice President Mike Pence.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating whether Trump violated three federal laws, including the Espionage Act, by keeping classified documents in Mar-a-Lago. Agency removed 11 sets of secret documents – some of which have been marked at the top secret as well as concerned nuclear weapons, according to The Washington Post, property in the execution of a search warrant on 8 August.

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