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Fourth generation lawyer, Judge Jamshid Bardiwala set for SC step-up

his statements on The reservation may have called for anger of A number of MPs in Rajya Sabha in 2015, but during the Covid-19 lockdown and the pandemic second Directed to him were his orders and observations a big reason Why Gujarat government forced to report on Actions taken to help Migrant workers and patients.

on Monday, Judge Jamshed Burjur Bardiwala of Gujarat High Court is set To swear an oath as a Supreme Court judge all along with Chief Justice of Guwahati Sudhanshu Dholia. Union Ministry of Law and justice assured both appointments on Saturday after SC Collegium’s recommendation earlier in the week.

Judge Bardiwala was born on August 12, 1965, in Mumbai to family of Lawyers and grew up in City of Valsad in Southern Gujarat. complete his studies in Saint Joseph’s Monastery in the city and graduated from GB Arts College there in 1985. A source close to the judge said that a student he is took keen interest in sports and “play tennis”. Source added”It’s a lesson in Average Gujarati across college and gain proficiency later in Einglish.”

Judge Bardiwala studied law in Faculty of Law in the town until 1988 and obtained a deed (the charter of lawyers need to practice law) on November 18, 1988. Through the following year, a source close to him said, he was a practicing attorney in Valsad County Court family.

Justice Bardiwala, 56, is among the youngest justices to be promoted to the Supreme Court. Congress leader Gaurav Pandya said: “His father Borgeorgi Bardiwala was a congressman from MLA and served as Speaker of the House of Representatives of Seventh Gujarat Assembly (1989-1990) during Prime Minister of Madhavsneh Solanki and Amarcinh Choudhury”.
Judge Bardiwala great His grandfather Navrojji Bhikhaji Pardiwala is practicing law in Valsad in 1894 while his grandfather was Kawaji Navruji Bardiwala joined Valsade Bar in 1929 and practiced law until 1958. His father burgery, who he was brilliant in Civil and Customs Affairs, joined bar in 1955 and even became president of Valsad District Bar Association, Pandya said who He was the vice president of the association at the time. with him mother still alive in Valsad, the judge’s connection to the city, has remained strong to this day.

Judge Bardiwala moved to Gujarat High Court in September 1990 and started practicing all branches of Law. Become a member of Legal Services Authority of the High Court of Gujarat and in 2002 was assigned a standing counsel for The Supreme Court and its affiliated courts. During this period, he “filtered nearly 1,200 cases that had accumulated up related to the administrative functions of the court,” said a colleague.

Promoted as an additional judge of Supreme court on February 17, 2011, and was confirmed as a permanent judge on January 28, 2013. There, Judge Bardiwala presided over over criminal, civil, tax and commercial matters. he is also Adjudicated environmental issues and took up Sabarmati pollution issue So Moto. A source close to Judge Bardiwala described him as “a judge of the masses” who He is “gentle-spoken, gentle, and upright.”

Rajya Sabha controversy

In 2015, 58 members of the Rajya Sabha petitioned the Vice President of India and Rajya Sabha President Muhammad Hamid Ansari to start impeachment measures against Judge Bardiwala for His “unconstitutional” statements on Reservation while hearing a petition from Batidar leader Hardik Patel and others to dismiss accusations of sedition against With them. The judge first noticed that in And his opinion, “Reservation and corruption are two things that did not allow the country to do so.” progress in right directionAfter the petition by members of upper house of Parliament, erased his notes and later deleted them with the command to “speak to the minutes”.

the judge, in May 2020, presided over the department bench who heard a public interest litigation (PIL) plea on Gujarat government deal of The Covid-19 crisis. Bench compared Ahmedabad Civil Hospital to a “dungeon” and did not agree with The state government’s narrative that all is well. Days later, after a roster they change on The last a work day of In the week, judge Bardiwala was mixed out of Bench.

the judge, who bit of Approximately 1,012 judgments to be reported on Various topics, will serve in Supreme Court until his retirement in 2030.


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