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four government sacked employee for Being a threat to security of condition’

four government sacked employee for Being a threat to security of condition’

a son of Syed Salahuddin, Commander based in Pakistan of Hizbul Mujahideen and wife of The imprisoned militant leader, Farouk Ahmed Dar, was among the four government Employees whose services were terminated on Saturday by J&K government for Being a threat to security of the state”.

Syed Abdul Almoayyed, Director (Information Technology) at J&K Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI), Sabah Arjaman Khan, Kashmir Administrative Services Officer (KAS), Majid Hussain Qadri, Senior Assistant Professor in University of Kashmir, surroundings of Ahmed Bhatt, A senior scientist in University of Kashmir, dismissed under section 311(2)(c) of constitution that allows The government to refuse employee without investigation against the person.

more than 30 government The employees have so far been dismissed under this ruling.

While the KAS officer, Sabah Arjuman Khan, is the wife of Imprisoned Farouk Ahmed Dar who he is also Known as Pita Karate, Syed Abdul-Moayyad son of Syed Salahuddin. supporter is the third son of Salah El-Din is expelled from government Services.

The General Department of Administration orders the termination of the service of Dr. Mohit Ahmed Bhatt said: “While the Deputy Governor is satisfied after considering the facts and circumstances of case and on the basics of The information available that activities of Dr. Muhit Ahmed Bhatt, Scientist-Dr in Postgraduate Studies Department of Computer Science, University of Kashmir … calls for his removal from service … and where the Deputy Governor is satisfied under Subsection (C) of the condition of clause (2) of Article 311 of the Constitution of India in interest of Security of State, it is not appropriate to conduct an investigation in the case of Dr. Muhit Ahmad Bhat… Accordingly, the Deputy Governor has dismissed Dr. Muhit Ahmad Bhatt… from service with immediately effect”.

PhD in Computer science, Bhatt was a senior scientist in University of Kashmir one of Staff credit with In particular the digitization and automation exercise there of own examination suite. resident of Srinagar, Bhatt is a former president of University of Kashmir Teachers Association.

Similar circulars have been issued for the classroom of The other three employees – Khan, Qadri and Muayyad.

Khan, Panchayat District Officer (DPO) in Rural Development Department, is a batch employee of 2011 KAS.

Majid Qadri was a senior assistant professor in University of Kashmir Department of Management Studies. He was arrested in 2004 – When was research University researcher for alleged contact with activists. After his release, he obtained his Ph.D. and was later appointed as an assistant professor in University of Kashmir.

supporter manager in Information Technology at JKEDI, a leading institute for leading businesses development in J&K, is a file son of Leader of the Seyed Salah al-Din Party. Muayyad’s two brothers, Shahid Yusuf and Syed Shakeel, have two already separated from government Services.

In response to the dismissals, the President of the People’s Congress, Sajjad Jani Lun, said a son can not hold responsible for His father verbs.


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