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Former Tory minister clashes with Martin Lewis over call cost of live “catastrophe”


former Tori minister advised that people clean their chimney to win cost-of- life crisis when she criticized Martin Lewis for calling it a “catastrophe”.

Edwina Curry, former junior health minister under Margaret Thatcher, faced with money saving expert over his use of word disaster.

She said, “I would like stop it Martin using the words like “disaster” and instead advise people take it wisely steps to reduce in effect on their families and businesses.

“And stop pretending that governments can do anything. They can not”.

Among these “sensible steps” were “foil behind radiators,move furniture away from radiators”, “clean the chimney” and using en air- fryer or microwave instead of oven, she said.

However, Mr. Lewis replied: “This is a disaster, Edwina!

“Electricity bills from Jan cost on average over half in full state pension and a large share of basic UC [Universal Credit]. No reasonable steps cover it up!”

Edwina Curry facing backlash for criticize Martin Lewis.

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Ms. Curry replied: “Emphasize help. Include local authorities as in Germany.

“Give people something they can do.. not just wringing his hands.

” more those who Can reduce usage, easier he receives for those who Can not. Every single one.”

75-year-old, who known for her blunt opinions were in response to Mr. Lewis inviting Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to debate on raging cost-of-life.

Ofgem last a week announced that energy price cap would rise to more than £3,500 a year year for typical use households since October, while inflation is expected to hit 13 percent this month.

Mr Lewis had previously warned that people could die this winter if more Government help not put in place to help people with sky- high electricity bills.

Talking after energy price cover announcement he said: “I beg and pray and beg that more Government help this winter… it’s not a disaster, it’s a disaster, people I won’t die because of this, this winter.

current Chancellor Nadhim Zahavi said officials were working “blindly”. out” develop more options to support households for in next prime minister take up.

result of tory leadership contest that will decide next prime minister will announced on September 5th.

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