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Former San Antonio officer who shot 17-year- the old man in the McDonald’s parking lot turns around in on aggravated assault charge


former San Antonio Police Officer who shot at an unarmed 17-year- old food in his car in McDonald’s parking lot last a week facing two bills of aggravated assault public officer, police station announced Tuesday.

The officer, identified as James Brennand, surrendered. in to the San Antonio police on Tuesday evening, Police Chief William McManus said on Tuesday news conference.

Brennanda arrest comes a few days after he was fired in connection with shooting on October 2 left teenager in critical condition. Brennan did not respond to inquiries for comment from CNN to his arrest. Did not have clear Tuesday night, did he have a lawyer.

The chief said that a criminal case had been opened for aggravated assault. for everyone who was in in car – driver and passenger.

The shooting itself “was unjustified both administratively and criminally,” McManus said. “Was criminal component to this, so we researched as criminal offense”.

The police department was in contact with the district attorney’s office, which may need more information before he takes the case to grand jury, said the chief.

“We worked on this is for a few days to get to the point where we could file a warrant with the judge for signature, and that’s where we are right now,” McManus added.

McManus said it clear from the outset that the shooting was “not justified”. He previously stated that a charge of aggravated assault could rise to kill if 17-year- the old one does not survive.

“The video was terrible,” the chief told CNN’s Brianna Keilar earlier. “No questions in does anyone think looking at this video that the shooting is not justified.”

McManus said he found out issue immediately upon arrival of shooting based on in location of bullet holes.

“We have policy which forbids officers to shoot at vehicles, moving vehicles, except when their lives in immediate – their life or someone else’s life – in instant danger,” he said.

“When I saw this, location of bullet holes, I had issue with it right away. You can tell by looking at the vehicles which way in vehicle is moving when shots are fired and this is a vehicle it was very revealing to me that this vehicle was moving away from the officer moving parallel with officer so it was beautiful clear me at the moment that we were going to have issue” McManus said.

announcement of the charges were filed a week after Brennan, a probation officer with seven months of experience shot Eric Cantu while a teenager was sitting in his car take food fast food.

According to police, Brennand was handling unrelated riots. call at McDonald’s when he saw car he believed that he had evaded the police the day before and called for backup.

Before the arrival of the reserve officers, body camera video posted by police shows Officer walk up to drivers side of in car open the door and order driver out. Clearly a frightened teenager who was in in the driver place eats, put car in turned around and began to support up.

Then the policeman opened fire five times on in carjudging by the video. How driver moved vehicle to move forward, body camera the video showed the officer opening fire five more times how car left.

Cantu was shot several times times and is in critical condition and on life support system family Monday said. Passenger in in vehicle was unharmed.

To the question about the training of officers on On Tuesday, McManus stressed that the incident is taking its course. against department policies.

“It was failure for one there was nothing for an individual policeman to do with our policy. politics is not allow that or training did not teach that. So it was fail for one specific police officer,” said the chief.

Police said earlier that Brennan was fired. for violation tactics, training and procedures. “It took us pair of days to fire Brennand, but he left pretty quickly,” McManus told CNN.

SAPD deadly force policy clearly stated: “Officer in in path of approaching vehicle will try move to position of safety instead of firing a firearm at vehicle or any of occupiers of in vehicle”.

policy further states that “officers should do not shoot at any part of a vehicle in attempt to disable vehicle”.

Bye in hospital, Kant was initially charged with evasion detention in a vehicle and an attack on an officer, who claimed he was hit by a door of in car how the teenager supported up.

However, his defense Attorney Brian Powers said the Bexar County District Attorney’s office notified him prosecutors can’t be moving forward with accusations. representative for District Attorney office handed over CNN to the district online court record system, indicating that both charges were dropped and the case closed.

“During the Sunday shooting of unarmed teenager by then San Antonio police officer remains under investigation, the facts and evidence we have received so far has led us deny accusations against Eric Cantu for further investigation,” District Attorney Joe Gonzalez said. office said in statement last a week.

“After SAPD completes its investigation into the actions of former Officer James Brennand and submits the case to our office, our Civil Rights Division in full review innings. How do we do with all shootouts involving officers who result in death or serious injury, we will refer the case to a grand jury for their consideration. Until that happens we can’t move on comment on this business”.

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