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Former Punjab CM Amarinder Singh for join Bharatiya Janata next week

previous president minister Punjab Congress President Lok Amarinder Singh is everything set to me join BJP next week in New Delhi. will sing also Newly merging his lineup partyPunjab Lok Congress (PLC), with Bharatiya Janata Party.

The former Punjab CMCaptain Amarinder Singh, 80, who He went to London for spine surgery met Federal Home Minister Amit Shah last week.

a former Congress veteranAmarinder resigned from membership of The grand Old party in beginning of november last year and one-And the-half After months it was replacing with Charangit Singh Chani as CM by congressional leadership in waking up of His long struggle with then the state party Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu.

After withdrawing from Congress, Amarinder floated the legislature in The run-up To the Punjab Assembly elections on February 20. Compete in opinion polls in alliance with BJP Cataract (Sanyukt). According to the seat-sharing arrangement, the BJP objected on 65 seats, the legislature on 37 (with number of Candidates prefer to compete on BJP code) and SAD (Sanyukt) on 15 seats.

All PLC Candidates badly lost in The election, with Amarinder himself loses from Patiala, his stronghold. The BJP succeeded in that win two seats, while the Social Democratic Party (Sanyukt) led by former Rajya Sabha member Sukhdev Singh Dendsa drew a blank. a nihilistic public party had swept the elections, in who decimated Congress.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called to inquire about Amarinder’s health on June 27 after surgery. “she was just a call To inquire about luxury of Said the captain.

BJP national Executive member, Harjit Grewal, told The Indian Express that the merger of PLC with The BJP had been decided before Amarinder went to London and it would be official announced Once he returns to the country.

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