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Former PA Vice Speaker Dost Mazari Arrested in Punjab ACE in custody for 2 days – Pakistan

District Court Lahore on Sunday approved two-day physical arrest of former Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Dost Mazari on request of Punjab Anti-Corruption Institution (ACE) after his arrest one day ago in The “land scandal” case.

The Punjabi ACE arrested Mazari. in happening of alleged illegal allocation of 2500 earth channels in Rajanpur district. An ACE spokesperson said that Mazari was told: “twice or three times” to attend the hearing of illegal withdrawal of land case, but he did not appear at the investigation team.

Introducing Mazari in district court today, the department requested his physical detention complete investigation accepted by the court.

Court ordered ACE to present Mazari again on Tuesday.

Speaking outside in court, Mazari stated that he was “persecuted”. “I’m being punished for standing with Constitution, he added.

After it arrest yesterday it counsel Osama Khawar Gumman, talking to Dawn.comsaid: “This arrest perfect example of political revenge”.

Gumman also condemned Mazar and his family’s alleged persecution. He named arrest “a danger towards democracy and rule of law, ruling fight Mazari case in court.

“The fight against corruption [Establishment] overstepped his authority,” he said.

Meanwhile, a flyer issued by a representative of Punjab ACE states that 8,175 channels of land was taken from Mazar in Rozhan.

It is said that according to the report of assistant commissioner Rojan Mazari seized about 40,000 acres of government land in 2019, which was subsequently restored. However, this added that Mazari then “led an armed attack’ seized with force government documents, kept all incoming documents with and they took him over acres of land in different places.

The flyer claimed that falsified recordings were also created, but ACE seized them and submitted them to the district court. Other handout added that other official documents will be confiscated from Mazari during his detention.

PML-N leaders respond

In response to Mazar’s arrest, PML-N Vice President Hamza Shehbaz said: “Punjab government arrested ex-vice speaker Dost Mazari in a false case on orders of [PTI Chairman] Imran [Khan] Niazi.

“Dost Mazari gave priority to standing on right side of history at an important political moment for which he is punished”.

Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq expressed regret that the head of the Punjab minister became part of of Incident.

He said arrest was “nothing but a heinous act of revenge”.

A business

Earlier this month, ACE called out 10 people, including Mazari. in case of alleged land grab.

Other members in the case included Assistant Commissioner Rujhan (AC), area Patwari, Zahid Mazari, Sher Muhammad Mazari, Manoj Kumar, Dafedars of Border Military Police Kashif and Fahad.

Sources told Dawn that the plaintiff in it was Manoj Kumar of Cashmore, Sindh, who he was allegedly threatened for trying to get possession of public land, the lease of which he had won.

talking to Dawn, former the Vice Speaker denied all accusations, saying it was a politically motivated issue.

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