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former chief of Pence of staff Mark Short testified that the Capitol riot could have been a “massacre”

Former head of former Vice President Mike Pence of employees appeared before the federal grand jury focused on January 6 riots last week, according to reports.

Mark Short, Assistant who was with Pence at the US Capitol as Donald Trump supporters gathered on in buildingconfirmed to CNN and ABC News that he testified before grand jury after receiving a subpoena to do so.

“I think the sacking of the Capitol way what it was, I think, imposed responsibility and danger’, Short told ABC News. “And I think the Secret Service did a phenomenal job that day.

“I think the more risk and despite way maybe it was typical in hearings last week, frankly, if the crowd approached the vice president, I think there would be a massacre in Capitol on that day.”

On Monday on CNN, he said it was his only performance before grand jury, but comment farther.

short also testified before an elected committee of the House of Representatives investigating the violation of the Capitol.

Short testified that Pence told Trump “many times” he didn’t agree with attempts to cancel the elections.
Chip Somodeville/Getty Images

During one of the panel hearing last month, Short was shown on video testimony stating that Pence told Trump “many times” he didn’t agree with attempts to cancel the election, including rejecting the electors or declaring that Trump won.

The Department of Justice has investigated possible criminal behavior related to attempts by Trump allies to reverse results of 2020 presidential election won Democrat Joe Biden.

This was stated by Attorney General Merrick Garland. last week the investigation is the most important and large-scale in ministries of justice history.

In this image from a video released by the House Select Committee, exhibit shows Mark Short, former main of employees for Vice President Mike Pence during a videotape at the House Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Incident. attack on US Capitol at Hearing Thursday, June 16, 2022
Short said he thought there would have been a massacre if the crowd had gotten close to Pence.
House Select Committee via AP

“No one is above the law,” he said.

In January 2022, speaking to Justice Department officials, he pledged to keep anyone responsible for the January 6 riots, whether they were physically there or not. He said prosecutors were “obliged to bring all those responsible on January 6 at any level to justice in accordance with the law.”

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