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Former Capitol Police Officer Michael Riley Convicted of obstructive justice in Probe January 6


About two weeks after he entered the US Capitol. on January 6, 2021 and posted about it in detail on Facebook fishing boat Virginia Beach captain Jacob Hiles was arrested. talking with FBI, hiles mentioned something that got attention. of investigators, according to court records: “after the riot, he became friends with Capitol police officer.

then the FBI took look at Hiles’ phone, and found screenshot of a Facebook message sent to Hiles by US Capitol Police Officer Michael A. Riley. on January 7. “Hi Jake,” Riley wrote, “I am a Metropolitan Police officer. who agrees with your political position. Take down the part about being in in building they are currently investigation and all who was in in building will be charged. Just looking out!”

Riley and Hiles continued to correspond until Hiles arrested the court records. show. Riley then deleted everything of his messages with his Facebook friend he never met in human. In August 2021, Riley was charged. on two criminal offenses of obstruct the federal grand jury, for his original message to hyles and deletion of their conversations.

After a five day hearing of evidence and then discussion for parts of four days, a federal jury found Riley guilty on Friday afternoon on one of considered an obstacle for deleting his Facebook posts with hiles and failed verdict on in issue of his original message to Hiles. Two jurors who declined to give their names, said the jury deadlocked 11 to 1 in service of belief on number of messages.

51 year old Riley in courtroom for verdict, in connection with the previously scheduled visit to the doctor. His lawyer, Christopher Macchiaroli, declined to comment. U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson declared the trial in error. on unresolved account, and still owed rule on Macchiaroli movement for acquittal at the end of proof.

Some Capitol Police Officers Have Been Criticized for their actions on January 6, accused of take a selfie with the rioters or stood aside when the rioters entered the Capitol. This was reported by the Capitol police. last year that they had conducted internal investigations against 26 officers, found no violations by 20 of and punished them six for behave unworthy of an officer, failure fulfill with directives, inappropriate remarks or improper distribution of information.

Riley is the only Capitol cop face a criminal an allegation related to January 6 that did not emerge as a result of internal investigations.

Riley testified in his own defense, saying he didn’t consider it grand jurors investigate Hiles’ non-violent actions or the couple’s messages. Most protesters Capitol Police arrest charged with misdemeanors, with No grand jury participation.

Prosecutors ridiculed the notion that on 25-year veteran will not know what grand the jury will investigate the January 6 uprising. “Of course the defendant knew,” the assistant US Attorney said. Mary L Dormann said in her closing argument, “that grand jury will be involved in massive attack on Capitol on January 6”.

Capitol Police Officer Charged with obstruction, accusation of warning January 6 riot suspect to delete Facebook posts

Riley was suspended without pay after his arrest and resigned from the Capitol Police. in October 2021, his lawyer said. He was a K-9 officer who spent January 6 at work with his partner on bombs that were left outside democratic and republican national headquarters on Capitol Hill.

Riley faces 15 to 21 months in prison, in accordance with federal sentencing rules. hiles, on on the other hand, received two years probation for trespass in Capitol. He one of Only six defendants, out of almost 300 sentenced so far, for whom prosecutors did not recommend imprisonment or home detention. Prosecutors asked the court to seal their sentencing memorandum and sentencing hearing for Hiles, which Jackson did. Jackson then presided over Riley’s trial.

“Hiles’ absent frankness, like in saving records of messages between him and Riley”, prosecutors wrote in memorandum received by The Washington Post before it was sealed, “and in consideration of sensitive requests from law enforcement agencies, prosecutors of Riley – Now-former US Capitol Police Officer – may not have been possible”.

hiles was on witness list for accusation, and defense in Riley’s case, but neither side called him. Before Hiles arreston attracted media attention when he told the Norfolk TV station in 2020 he wouldn’t allow democrats on his fishing boat.

hiles said in interview after the verdict that he was surprised that he was not called to testify, and noted that he never met Riley.

“I have no ill will or bad blood with him,” Hiles said. “I don’t even think what he did was wrong. I think there are many of political affairs are going on on”. He noted that he did not delete anything. of his Facebook posts, “because I had nothing to hide. I didn’t do anything violent, it’s not who Me. I was there protesting.”

Riley revealed that he was an avid fisherman and was friends with Hiles. on facebook in at the beginning of January 2021 because Hiles had a lot of followers and posted fishing video on YouTube.

Hiles was captured on video what to smoke prosecutors said the marijuana was in the Capitol and was harassing the officers and he recorded some videos of scene itself on January 6, court records show. He sent several videos to Riley after January 6, and Riley’s friends sent him videos. on January 9 of Hiles allegedly smoked weed, but Riley continued to communicate with Hiles. One of Riley’s friends testified that he sent the video expecting Riley forward it’s at the FBI, but Riley isn’t.

When Hiles found out on January 16, what was the warrant for his arresthe wrote to Riley. “Call me,” Riley replied. and two spoke for more than 20 minutes prosecutors said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann P. McNamara asked Riley why he told Hiles to remove the evidence.

“It’s not that I don’t want he will be charged,” Riley said. “I have reached out him because he made a post which said that he was pushed into building. I didn’t associate him with those who went to building and attacked officers. Riley said that Hiles “tricked” him into thinking he was innocently shoved into the Capitol.

“The fact that I deceived him, that he was fooled,” said Hiles, “is not the point. best defense. … I didn’t get there out For him. He reached out to me.”

then on January 20, after Hiles surrendered and first met with The FBI, he informed Riley that the FBI has his phone and they are curious about how he communicates with him. with Capitol Police Officer. Riley then deleted hundreds of his previous posts with Hiles, show court records and sent a message to Hiles next day, announcing their conversations over. He did not delete his farewell note to Hiles, which prosecutors called it “cover story”.

“He betrayed his oath and betrayed his fellow soldiers,” McNamara said. in her final argument. “Instead of telling Jacob Hiles, he told Mr. Hiles what to do to avoid getting caught. He told him to get rid of proof of avoid charging with a crime. The evidence that the seasoned policeman knew was already under investigation.”

macchiaroli, defense lawyer, indicated out that the FBI had Hiles’ videos and posts as early as January 8, 2021, and that there was “nothing” there in messages between Hiles and Riley “showing that he wanted to help Jacob Hiles avoid charges, or arrest, or something else like what he added”You don’t wake up up one day and decide what you’re going to discourage grand jury, on a post what everyone has already visible.”

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