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Former aide likens Boris Johnson’s departure to storm of Capitol | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s reluctance to leave Downing Street in in face of opposition from Tory ministers and MPs was a bit of a “let’s storm the Capitol, folks,” according to former senior Assistant No. 10, comparing this to the January 6 uprising. in Washington.

The comparison was made Cleo Watson, former special Johnson’s adviser former Chief Counsel Dominic Cummings, in article for Tatler magazine.

painting a picture of clumsy “dummy” prime minister who could not take basic tasks and had to be “house trained” when it came to following Covid-19 protocols, Watson also described the incident in what political advisers gathered at the table during the meeting in Chequers.

Cleo Watson in September issue of Tatler. Photograph: Morgan Roberts, Lydie Harrison style.

“We made our way upstairs to be greeted by a terrible smell and the fact that I took to be small figs under the table. “Oh my god,” the prime minister said, looking at me expectantly, “Dealeen made a poop.” I assumed the position of an annoyed teapot. ‘Well you better pick it up then,” I said. And he did it,” she recalls.

watson, who It has novel coming out next year said of how Two weeks after Cummings left Downing Street, Johnson issued her own order to march. in 2020, in a conversation in the cabinet, which, in her opinion, “could be familiar to many”. of his girlfriends.”

She wrote that Johnson told her, “I can’t look at you more because it reminds me of House. it like the marriage ended, we separated up our stuff, and I kept the ugly old lamp. But every time I look at this lamp, it reminds me of the person that I was with. You are that lamp.

Watson, nicknamed “Gazelle of Downing Street, added: “Lamp! At least the gazelle has a heartbeat. However, he seems to know better than most how it feels like when a marriage breaks up up”.

Contrary to reports, including in link in in full report of senior civil servant Sue Gray at the quarantine release parties, Watson said she left No. 10 without care party.

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“What actually happened is that we agreed to go our separate ways and I went to the press. team to say goodbye. The prime minister cannot see group of people and not eloquent, gave sore, off speech in the cuff for a baffled clutch of advisors and me left shortly thereafter,” she wrote.

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