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Foreign funding: how cricket match in Britain is accustomed to help Imran Khan party

ISLAMABAD: Controversy over banned foreign funding case against Imran Khan PTI expected with election Committee of Pakistan (ECP) took a new twist on Friday as a report Financial Times blew the lid off Involvement of Pakistani tycoon Arif Naqvi in in party finance and how significant portion of its funding in 2013 was of foreign origin.

According to the report, “Naqvi transferred three payments directly at PTI in 2013 addition up to total of $2.12 million.”

In the center of in saga is Wootton Cricket Ltd, a Cayman Islands registered company owned by Naqvi, and money from philanthropic fundraisers like the Wootton T20 Cup to PTI funding.

Nakvi, founder of Dubai-based Abraaj Group, one of the biggest private joint stock companies operating in Developing markets back when PTI campaigned for elections 2013, hosted in cricket tournament in his country estate in Oxfordshire village of Wootton from 2010 to 2012, FT said.

According to the British publication, guests were asked to pay between £2,000 and £2,500 each to attend. Quote, Nakvi, this is added something money went to an unspecified “philanthropic causes”.

“Funds are pouring into Wootton Cricket from companies and individuals, including at least £2 million from the United Arab Emirates. government minister who is also member of Abu Dhabi royal family family”- read FT report.

Political parties in Pakistan is not allowed to receive funding from foreign individuals and companies, but Wootton Cricket account details and emails that are visible FT for period from February 28 to May 30, 2013, show that both companies and foreign nationals, as well as Pakistanis, sent millions of dollars in favor of Wootton Cricket, after which the funds were transferred to PTI in Pakistan.

ECP has been investigating partyfunding since 2014, when party founder Akbar S. Babar alleges serious violations in in party finances, including in funding from outside Pakistan.

ECP completed the case after seven years of trial. Date of sentencing announced yet to be revealed.

In January, the ECP’s control committee issued a revealing report. in which states that PTI received funding from foreign individuals and companies. Report Says PTI Underreports Funds and Hiding Dozens of bank Accounts. Wootton Cricket was named in report, but Naqvi has not been identified as its owner.

In addition, although it was previously reported that Naqvi financed Khan party, ultimate source of in money never been disclosed before.

“Wooton Cricket” bank statement shows he received $1.3 million on March 14, 2013 from Abraaj Investment Management Ltd, Fund Management Division. of Naqvi private joint stock company, increasing the previous account balance of $5,431. Later that day, $1.3 million was transferred from the account. directly at PTI bank Account in Pakistan. Abraaj incurred expenses cost holding company through which she controlled K-Electric, power provider in Karachi, the largest in Pakistan city”, FT says in the report.

An additional $2 million went into the Wootton Cricket account. in April 2013 by member of Royal Abu Dhabi family bank application and copy of information about Swift translation seen FT.

“Nakvi then exchanged emails with colleague about the transfer of $1.2 million. more at PTI. Six days after the $2 million arrived in Wootton Cricket bank account, Naqvi transferred $1.2 million from it to Pakistan. in two parts, according to FT.

The message says that Rafik Lahani, senior Abraaja Executive Director responsible for control cash leak,” he wrote. in e-mail to Naqvi that transfers were intended for PTI”.

Naqvi and his lawyer did not respond to FT Requests for comment on in story.

What does Khan have to say about all this?

Imran Khan visited Wootton Place in 2012. To questions from FT, former cricketer wrote back saying he went to a fundraiser event attended by many PTI supporters.”

FT the report described the time as “critical” for Khan raises funds in advance of 2013 general elections in May.

According to the publication, Naqvi worked closely with other Pakistani businessmen to raise money for his campaign.

Lakhani, Executive Director of Abraaj responsible for cash flow, said Nakvi in email that money arrived from the UAE, to which Naqvi replied that he should send “1.2 million to PTI”.

After Sheikh money was deposited into the Wootton Cricket account, Naqvi wrote. in another letter: “don’t tell anyone where do the funds come from? who contributes.”

“Of course, sir,” Lakhani replied.

According to the report, Lahani “wrote that he would transfer $1.2 million from Wootton Cricket to PTI’s account. in Pakistan”.

“Then, after considering sending funds to PTI via In Nakvi Lahani’s personal account, he offered to send money in two payments to a personal account for businessman Tariq Shafi in Karachi and account for an organization called Insaf Trust in Lahore.

“Although the ownership of Insaf Trust is unclear, the emails say that final the destination was PTI,” the report says.

FT report is coming on state that “on May 6, 2013 Wootton Cricket translated total of $1.2 million by Shafi and Insaf Trust.”

According to FT, Khan confirmed that Shafi donated to PTI. “It for Tariq Shafi to answer where he got this from money” Khan said. Shafi did not answer FT Requests for comment.

Khan said that neither he nor his party knew of Abraaj provides $1.3 million through Wootton Cricket. He also said he was “unaware” of PTI receives any funds from the UAE.

“Arif Naqvi made a statement which was submitted to the Electoral Commission. also not denied by anyone that money received from donations during cricket match and money what he collected was sent through his company Wootton Cricket,” Khan wrote.

Khan said he was waiting for the ECP verdict and that it would be inappropriate to “anticipate PTI”.

In its January report, ECP said Wootton Cricket transferred $2.12 million to PTI, but did not disclose the amount at the time. original source of in money.

Naqvi denies his guilt

Nakvi admitted his property of Wootton Cricket and denied any wrongdoing. He told ECP: “I didn’t raise any funds from anyone of non-Pakistani company [public or private] or any other prohibited source.”

But Wootton Cricket bank statement shows otherwise. it shows that Nakvi transferred three payments directly at PTI in 2013 addition up to total of $2.12 million. The largest was $1.3 million from Abraaj, which is documented by the company. show was taken over by Wootton Cricket but transferred to its holding company for K-Electric.

Imran Khan, his foreign funding is the ‘biggest threat’ to the country: Marryum

Reaction to FT storyMinister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) head Imran Khan and the foreign funding received by him party were the “biggest threat” to the country.

“Currently in the country facing a serious security threat from Imran Khan,” she said. in a news release, responding to a statement from the head of PTI.

She said that the man (Imran), who received US funding, was not allowed to speak on in national safety. Instead of of discussion economyImran Khan should answer why he used donations for she manages her party’s affairs added.

minister Imran Khan asked:shut his mouth, as he already weakened national economy and security. Imran Khan, being in power appeased its “foreign sponsors” by destabilizing the country and selling Kashmir causeshe argued.

She argued that the PTI chairman had complied with the requirements of its foreign sponsors since 2011. He also met “requirements of his foreign sponsors, weakening the country and the economy, starvation people and gagging media”, she is added.

Imran Khan traded off Kashmir for foreign funding, etc. minister claimed. She said Imran Khan is not fit to lecture current government what was he like who received no response from foreign leaders despite several attempts.

PTI accepts Naqvi fundraising

On Friday, PTI admitted it had received funds from Pakistani businessman Arif Naqvi Wootton Cricket Ltd – a company registered in the Cayman Islands – after a foreign outlet reported that its donations were of foreign origin.

“All records [related to those transactions] are availableFarrukh Habib, PTI’s Deputy Chief Information Officer, told a press conference after a Financial Times report revealed that Naqvi “transferred three payments directly at PTI in 2013 addition up to total of 2.12 million dollars”, which were of foreign origin.

PTI leader said there was no case against Nakvi or his group Abraaj in 2012 and that the businessman gave £20 million to PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif and his brother, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. in “bribes”.

At his press conference on Friday, Farrukh Khabib said that “media litigation” is being against in party occasionally associated with foreign funding.

“A business against PTI does not involve foreign funding, but of prohibited funding […] foreign funds are used for working against current government; this is not the case here,” he said.

He said that his party laid down foundation of financing in Pakistan. He added what overseas Pakistanis send $32 billion to the country every year, and they also donate them to PTI.

He repeated that the sentences of PTI, PPP and PML-N foreign funding announcements to be released on on the same day that he demanded that CEP demonstrate responsible behavior.

The PTI leader claimed that the PML-N hid 112 accounts from the election commission, the PPP hid 11 and did not give records of Rs 3.6 million in ECP.

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