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For those who suffer from insomnia.. one cup in the evening helps you sleep deeply

Some people used to drink a glass of milk after dinner to promote a good night’s sleep. Milk has sedative and sleep-inducing properties, due to the fact that it contains vital compounds such as tryptophan and melatonin.

The world’s population suffers from sleep problems ranging from 1.6 percent to 56.0% amid indications of a continuous increase in some countries, According to a report published by the Boldsky website, which is concerned with health affairs.

The following report lists the benefits that can be obtained when consuming a glass of milk before going to bed regularly every night:

For those who suffer from insomnia.. one cup in the evening helps you sleep deeply

1. Promotes quality sleepتعبيرية

Milk and dairy products contain a high amount of tryptophan, which is An amino acid used to break down proteins in the body. When taken from milk, the body uses tryptophan to make certain vital enzymes such as serotonin and melatonin, which are critical for regulating mood and influencing the sleep-wake cycle. A glass of milk enhances sleep quality and can be beneficial for people who have trouble sleeping.

2). Raising body temperature

According to numerous studies, drinking hot milk can cause It increases the likelihood of falling asleep at a faster rate. The results of the studies suggest that the reason is that warm milk increases the blood supply in the entire body up to the feet, which helps to increase the basal body temperature, that is, reaching the ideal temperature of 32 degrees Celsius for the best quality of sleep.

3. Reducing stressتعبيرية

One study suggests that consuming milk at the end of the day has an effect Promising sleep and sleep problems related to stress and anxiety, which can cause insomnia. Study results suggest that a glass of milk in the evening confers calming properties that can help reduce central nervous system excitability, as well as contribute to the secretion of melatonin and serotonin, thus reducing stress and inducing better sleep.


4. Muscle relaxationتعبيرية

A study talks about the anxiolytic or muscle calming effects of milk. Study results say that consuming milk during the night can help relax muscles and promote sleep. When muscles are relaxed or tension is released, stress hormones such as cortisol decrease, thus the mind and body calm down and good quality sleep can be obtained.

5. Reduces insomnia in the elderlyتعبيرية

One study talked about that doing some exercises Exercising and having a glass of milk can help reduce symptoms of ADHD or difficulty initiating DIS sleep in older adults. With age, the levels of melatonin and serotonin in the body decrease, causing difficulty sleeping. This condition leads to various types of sleep problems such as insomnia. Milk can help improve symptoms and promote early sleep.

5. Regulating the sleep-wake cycleتعبيرية

Some foods such as milk and milk products help in regulating the sleep cycle And wake up or the daily cycle of the body and stimulate better sleep. Milk contains butanoic acid, which has been linked to a reduced risk of sleep problems. Also, it contains antioxidant minerals such as selenium, calcium and magnesium that are great sleep inducers and improve sleep quality.


6. Preventing Chronic Insomnia

Chronic insomnia is a common sleep disorder, prevalent in about 10 % to 30% of people, and sometimes the percentage increases from 50% to 60%. But the results of a scientific study report that some functional foods such as milk can help promote sleep because it contains GABA, calcium, potassium and melatonin, which are all ideal compounds for improving sleep quality and preventing the risks of sleep disorders such as chronic insomnia or restless leg syndrome.


Although milk, especially warm milk It is a great sleep inducer, but it may have some side effects such as:

Not good for people with lactose intolerance or those sensitive to milk proteins.

• Although regular consumption of milk during the night is less likely to cause weight gain, some studies say that eating it late at night can help with weight gain in some individuals.

• Diabetics should avoid adding any kind of sugar or eating some dairy products because it can cause an increase in glucose levels. It is best to consult a doctor before starting to introduce milk into the daily diet.

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