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For the team represented by Strautiņa and Jakovičs in the first victory since November

Artūrs Strautiņš
Artūrs Strautiņš | Photo: Varese “Openjobmetis”


Latvian basketball players Artūrs Strautiņš and Ingus Jakovich scored seven points in the Italian A-Series game on Thursday, helping Varese’s Openjobmetis team to celebrate the victory. The Latvian team beat Brindisi’s “Happy Casa” team in their field with the result 76:74 (24:24, 11:19, 24:20, 17:11)

Just last week, the Varese team returned from almost a month of self-isolation, which had to be observed, because in early January, several basketball players in the unit were diagnosed with Covid-19. Openjobmetis celebrated its previous victory on November 22 and ended a series of six losses on Thursday. Strautiņš spent 20 minutes and 52 seconds on the court in this match, during which he made two of the three two-point shots and one of the three long shots, but did not hit his only “penalty” in the basket. He also defeated seven rebounds, made one mistake, provoked comments four times and scored 13 efficiency points.

Meanwhile, Jakovičs played 25 seconds less than his compatriot, but stood out with the same precision from the game, realizing both two two-point shots and one of the four “threes”. He also had two rebounds, one intercepted ball, three remarks, two provoked offenses and six efficiency points. Tony Douglass was the winner with 17 points, but Nick Perkins scored 21 points

The A series tournament continues 15 teams that played a different number of games due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Trieste “Allianz” team, represented by Andrejs Gražulis, takes the sixth place with nine victories in 17 games, while the Varese team has accumulated four successes in 15 matches and is in the 15th position.

ULEB Euroleague

Latvian basketball player Jānis Strēlnieks scored eight points in the ULEB Euroleague 24th round game on Thursday, when his representative Moscow CSKA suffered a loss in a fierce battle. CSKA guests gave way to the Valencia team in the second extension with the result 103: 105 (17:25, 26:22, 20:17, 21:20, 11:11, 8:10). The regular time of the game ended with the result 84:84, so the fight continued in the five-minute extension. Martin Hermanson had a good chance to win the home team, but the Icelander scored only one of two free throws six seconds before the end of overtime and the result was a draw (95:95).

In the second extension, none of the teams managed to stabilize in the lead. The last change of control was 44 seconds before the end of the second overtime, when Nikola Kalinic scored 105:10 in favor of Valencia. The teams then exchanged two unsuccessful attacks, but CSKA had three seconds to achieve a positive result, with Mike James not taking a long shot with the final whistle.

Sagittarius played 21 minutes and 32 seconds, during which one of the two two-point shots and two of the four long shots were fired. He also won one rebound, scored once, broke three times, provoked one note and scored five efficiency points. For the Muscovites, James set a new career record – 37 points – who also returned seven assists, but made six mistakes. He was awarded 19 points and nine rebounds by Johannes Foitmans, while Nikita Kurbanov scored 17 points. Klemens Prepeličs stood out for the owners of the field with 22 points, seven rebounds and six assists, but Kaliničs scored 22 points and five balls under the baskets. Hermanson had 17 more points, but 14 points and 12 rebounds – for Boyan Dublevich.

Meanwhile, Rolands Šmits scored three points, while his “Barcelona” in his square with the result 86:88 (22:27, 28:26, 15:19, 21:16) acknowledged the superiority of Istanbul “Anadolu Efes”. The Barcelona team had driven almost the entire game, with only a draw in the third quarter for a while. In the fourth quarter, the Istanbul team scored a 13-point lead, which was cleared to two points in the last minute, but the hosts failed to play to the end.

Smith spent ten minutes and 14 seconds on the court on Thursday, broadcasting one of two two-point shots and his only “penalty” in the basket. Valmiera also won three rebounds, made one mistake, broke the rules three times, provoked one remark and scored two efficiency points. Nicola Mirotich scored 24 points for Barcelona, ​​but Brendon Davis had 14 points, seven rebounds and five errors. Vasilije Micičs scored 26 points for the guests and Shein Larkins added 19 points. “Barcelona” with 17 victories in 24 games takes the first place in the tournament table, but CSKA with 16 successes is in second place.

Also this season, ten countries with 18 teams are represented in the Euroleague, which is the same as in the previous season. The teams will play a two-round tournament, with the top eight entering the playoffs. The Euroleague champion will be determined in Cologne, where the final four tournament will take place. Last season, the champion was not determined, the tournament ended six rounds before the end of the regular championship.

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