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For extraordinary videos: Throw your smartphone as high and as far as you can

The construction requires a certain amount of trust. Will you give it to her (Image: AER)
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Throwing the smartphone, only to get exceptional aerial photos is a one-time thing when in doubt. A new case elevates the process to a concept and promises to protect your smartphone.

Nobody who already has his smartphone times felt fine until confirmation that nothing had actually happened. The request to throw the smartphone as high and as far as possible seems counterintuitive and causes sweating while reading. But, it is exactly what the two makers of the AER TYP (Throw Your Phone) ask for you.

Foam and Velcro: Throw it first!

The smartphone is protected by a specially developed foam cover that – once put together – is to be thrown like the oval ball in American football. There is a lot of brainpower behind the AER TYP. The foam nose of the aircraft is shaped so that a smartphone can be inserted with the cameras pointing slightly forward.

This installation position should ensure that recordings that are similar to those from a drone are possible. To do this, the smartphone is clamped between two pieces of foam, which – you just have to say – are held together by Velcro. A foam tail is then placed on the rear foam half to keep the flight path stable.

The makers of the smartphone projectile are not completely inexperienced in building appropriate protective housings. They launched the original AER back in 2016. It was a very similar solution, but for the Hero Gopro. Because the Gopro calls itself an action camera and is built for rugged use in the field, throwing it required a certain amount of trust. Throwing a smartphone that is clearly not built for throwing around or even just a robust use in extreme sports requires a very special confidence in the construction.

Outside hui, but inside ugh? Throwing is not a good idea in itself.

Because of the high levels of shock and vibration, Apple does not recommend clipping iPhones to bicycles or motorbikes. It is questionable what happens to the inner workings of a smartphone, especially its camera, if it is thrown against a wall or if it just lands rudely on the floor from a relatively great height. The fact that the AER TYP apparently reliably protects the outer shell does not mean that no damage can occur.

The developers of the AER TYP promise that their product is the result of years of testing and the search for the most resistant foam materials . The ultimate test was to drop a smartphone from the roof of a building vertically onto a concrete surface. The test was successful. The smartphone remained intact, at least externally.

In order to finance the production, the developers have again looked for the way to Kickstarter. The AER TYP is offered there as part of crowdfunding. If you are interested, you can pre-order the litter cover for 69 euros. Delivery is scheduled for May 2022. As always on Kickstarter, all information should be treated with caution. The makers of the AER TYP have already shown with the Gopro cover that they are actually delivering a product.

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