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Food prices rise like Ramadan package ends

Prices of various food has grown in usefulness stores across the country as governmentThe Ramadan aid package has come to an end.

Utility Store Corporation (USC) on Saturday released new rate list of various food products, including legumes, vegetable oil and chickpea flour.

According to listDiscount of Offered at 10 rupees per kg. on dal mash and dal mung were returned while price of a gram of flour has risen in price by 20 rupees per kg.

New prices of items on utility stores:

Dal puree: 270 rupees per kg (up for 10 rupees)
Dalmung: 170 rupees per kg (up for 10 rupees)
Gram flour USC: 190 rupees per kg (up for 20 rubles)
Dates USC: 80 rupees for 500 g (up for 10 rupees)
Bru fresh tea 475g: 442 rupees (up for 23 rubles)
Brew Fresh Tea 950g: Rs 846 (up for 47 rubles)
Dalda vegetable oil, 5 liters: 2155 rupees (up for 100r)
Vegetable oil Habib 1 liter: 400 rupees (up for 20 rubles)
Meezan cooking oil, 1×5 liter pack: Rs 402 (up for 20 rubles)
Eva cooking oil (1 × 5), liter pillow in the package: 410 rupees (up for 20 rubles)
Tullo cooking oil, 5 liter jar: Rs 1990 (up for 100r)
Yellow Label 380g: Rs 479 (up for 19 rupees)
Lipton Yellow Label 475g: Rs 575 (up for 24 rubles)
Supreme Tea 495g: Rs 525 (up for 24 rubles)
Tapal Danedar tea 450g: Rs 545 (up for 22 rubles)

Economic Coordinating Committee (ECC) of previous Imran Khan led government approved relief in Ramadan package worth 8.3 billion rupees in Martha, under which 19 kitchen items were to be supplied at subsidized rates through the utility. stores.

According to the notice issued at that time, a bag of 20 kg of flour will be sold at Rs 800, sugar at Rs 70 per kg, ghee at Rs 260 per kg and chickpea flour at Rs 170 per kg, while other items including legumes, dates, rice, black tea and spices also sold at discounted prices.

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