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Followers and insiders are thus locked in the absence of news from Nintendo Switch Pro

Followers and insiders are thus locked in the absence of news from Nintendo Switch Pro

Surely many of you are aware of the recent rumors of Nintendo Switch Pro that have been circulating in recent days. Last week they pointed to an imminent announcement of this supposed new model, while yesterday, in the absence of announcements, some insiders who had spoken raised doubts about whether it would finally be announced before E3 as the first reports pointed out.

Well then, after issuing these insecurity statements , some followers have accused insiders of playing with people’s hype by stating that the new model would be announced imminently and then saying that they no longer knew if it was going to be announced so soon or not. Given this, three popular insiders have issued messages defending themselves on Twitter, where they have received the support of many other followers.

Here you can see them:

I said there’s a new Metroid being announced soon.

If neither of those things materialize, then I’ll apologize.

If they get announced, you should apologize to me.

– Emily Rogers (@ ArcadeGirl64) June 3, 2021

User: Take the blame for the mess that was created, you were the ones who spoke of an imminent announcement, a word that does not mean weeks and months after having spoken. Be clearer next time and avoid creating hype among the followers.

Emily Rogers : Why would I apologize? I said new hardware would come. I said a new Metroid will be announced soon. If none of those things materialize, I will apologize. If they are advertised, you should apologize.

Emily Rogers received the support of other insiders:

Nate: Both will materialize, but the apology never will.

Jeff Grubb: I remember only one person who ever apologized to me after something I said happened. What a king! Apologies send.

What do you think about it ?

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