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FO Summons Chargé d’Affaires of India over killing of “mentally retarded” Pakistani national in IIOJK – Pakistan

Ministry of foreign affairs on Monday called India’s charge d’affaires in Islamabad and registered a strong protest over “extrajudicial killing” of “mentally retarded” Pakistani national in Illegally Indian Occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJK).

A press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (FO) states that Tabarak Hussein was in indian army hospital in Rajuri from IIOJK.

“The Indian chargé d’affaires was ordered to hand him over government Strong condemnation of Pakistan of in killing of Tabarak Hussain, mentally handicapped Pakistani national who unintentionally crossed the border at Nowshera in Rajouri District on August 21 and was ruthlessly shot by the Indian security forces,” the press release says.

Pakistan’s “outright denial” of claim that Hussein died of cordial arrest and the “mischievous story” that he was sent by the Pakistani army were also handed over to the Chargé d’Affaires of India, the report said.

“He was reminded that the claims of the Indians are untenable, since Hussein of unhealthy mental health, unintentionally crossed the border in in 2016 and was repatriated to Pakistan after 26 months of detention. prison term”, the press release said. added.

FO said he was stressed official that the incident further heightened the serious concerns of Pakistan over in safetysafety and well-being of its other citizens in Indian care.

” government of India called share details of this particular incident, including the credible post- autopsy report to determine cause of death and conduct a transparent investigation to hold accountable those who responsible for in murder of Pakistani prisoner.

“Fast and efficient repatriation of mortal remains of deceased in Pakistan, according to wishes of his family was also required,” the statement said.

it added that the Indian chargé d’affaires was also recalled the recent “extrajudicial killing” of another Pakistani prisoner is Muhammad Ali Hussein.

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