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Florida allows doctors to order vaccines for Very small children

Faced with sharp pressure from medical professionals and the federal government, Florida began allow pediatricians, children hospitals and other doctors on Friday to order coronavirus vaccines for the youngest children, according to state and White House officials. The shift will ensure that families will be able to get vaccinated in doctors’ offices, albeit later than in any other state in country.

The White House praised move how important first step calling it a “repeal” of Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican with presidential ambitions who often puts himself in opposition to President Biden. Mr. DeSantis’ administration has insisted that it has not backed down from its original position and authorized orders only after the Food and Drug Administration approved Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. for very young children on Friday morning. Centers for Disease control and prevention can give their approval on Saturday.

Unlike the other 49 states and the county of Columbia, Florida, no allow healthcare providers will pre-order vaccines of The federal government deadline is June 14th. As a result, no doses will be sent to doctors’ offices in condition during first wave of vaccine supplies planned for arrive beginning on Monday. second wave of pre-ordered doses that Florida also missed, planned arrive in about a week.

“State of Florida deliberately missed several deadlines in order to order vaccines to protect its youngest children,” Dr. Ashish K. Jha, White House coronavirus response coordinator, told reporters. on Friday.

This was stated by Deputy Press Secretary Brian Griffin. secretary for Mr. DeSantis characterizing Florida policy since the reversal was “obviously false”.

“We have always adhered to the position that the state of Florida chose not to participate in pre-order or giveaway of vaccine for children under 5 years old,” he said. “State of Florida does not recommend giving the vaccine to healthy people children,” he added referring to the manual issued by the state in March against advice of CDC

State officials said on On Thursday, doctors could order vaccines as needed. But this requires using State portal which has not been opened for these orders until Friday.

Dr. Lisa Gwynn, President of branch in Florida of American Academy of Pediatrics & Partner professor in university of Miami, said she in contact with Department of Florida of Health about Vaccines last week and was not informed that doctors would be allowed place orders only after the shots have received FDA clearance.

“I was back and forward in touch with in people in agency,” she said. – They don’t tell me about it.

Vaccinations for very young children usually administered in pediatric offices, but unlike pharmacies in federal Covid vaccine program doctors can’t prescribe doses on their own, Dr. Gwynn said. She is added some Florida officials seemed to be suggesting on Thursday when doctors order vaccines directly from the federal government before the state opened its online portal.

“At first they said that providers can order directly from the federal government”, – she noted. “This is not true. You have to order through the state.

On Thursday, Mr. DeSantis defended his administration’s refusal to pre-order any vaccines. for state-run medical equipment. including at the county level. public health care institutions under the control of the state.

“I would say that we are positively against covid vaccine for young children, he said. “These people who have zero risk of get something.”

By Friday morning, a congressional subcommittee overseeing the coronavirus response sent a letter to Mr. DeSantis urging him to change his position.

Noah Weiland contributed reporting.

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