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Flooding triggers new migration from Dadu

KARACHI: thousands of panicked people have left Dadu, densely populated area in Sindh, after a new spell of floods, increasing the number of displaced peopleofficials and media informed on Sunday.

The area was surrounded by flood waters, only one pass for residents leave city like the water level in Lake Manchar, the country’s largest freshwater lake bodypermanently rising.

Raging flood waters washed away first defense line of in city — home to over 1 million people – forcing the administration, with the support of army troops, to strengthen the remaining embankments.

The footage aired on TV channels showed thousands of stuck people settled in tented or open-air along main the highway that leads to Hyderabad, second largest area of Sindh after Karachi.

Or side of the highway could be seen flooded in flood waters for miles.

Another frame shows hundreds of citizens clapped, on minibuses, vans and auto rickshaws leaving city. A lot others with their livestock was also spotted, weaving along the road under the scorching sun.

huge flood also forced the administration to transfer almost 400 prisoners from the Dadu area jail to Hyderabad prison.

Murad Ali Shah, Chief minister of Sindh, told reporters on Sunday when the rescue services try best save city.

Recent showers – 500 percent higher than the average, and massive floods left 125 million people homeless in Sindh alone, not to mention the colossal losses of 350 billion rupees for agriculture and another 50 billion rupees for animal husbandry.

seriousness of situation also prompted the commander-in-chief of the army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa air dash to the literally besieged Dadu city on Saturday evening, sending troops to speed up rescue operations.

Meteorologists place the blame on climate change and global warming, which increased the ferocity and frequency of monsoon rains among fast- melting glaciers.

current monsoon season hitting South Asian nuclear nation in June flooded one-third of Pakistan, except killing over 1,400 people according to the National Disaster Management Administration (NDMA).

Over 33 million people of 220 million population were forced out latest downpours and floods in all four provinces from mid-June, in in addition to a staggering $30 billion in damage already weakened infrastructure.

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