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Flooding in Kentucky: a man saved five children and 2 of his former school teachers from the flooded homes

day, and former Miner who life in Hindman, Knott County, said he didn’t know of what’s happened in in region until I received a message that children required help receiving out of them house.

“I don’t know what they were talking about, then I went outsideDay told CNN. – You’ve heard a lot of people scream and beg for anyone to help.”

That day, Eastern Kentucky experienced flooding that officials described as unprecedented. with entire houses and bridges have been torn down and communities isolated because of flooded roads. At least 35 people died in floods and many who survived lost everything they had. hundreds of people are still missing.

Day and his wife Krystal didn’t have a boat, so they waded through the water. help save five children and two mothers who stuck on roof of them home.

“At 3 o’clock in morning I was in this water with my wife. I put a baby under each arm and one around my neck and took them back to my house. The older child held small dog”, Day said.

After Day and his wife saved children and two women set his views on saving him former school English teacher Ella Prather and his second class teacher Irma Geyhart, who both lived nearby.

“I just kept walking back and go, because I saw the water rising and I knew my two former teachers probably fell into the trap in their homes,” Day said. “It was heartbreaking.”

Then he enrolled help of three other neighbors help Check on his teachers who both live alone, according to Day.

When they saw the Prater, Day said they held her “by both hands.” side of her hands and never looked back. We said, “We have to go.”

it took Gayheart had a few minutes to open the door, but when she did, she told him she was fine, but she sat. on her kitchen countertop faces the water rise.

An unknown person saves the grandmother and her relatives as his own home almost swallowed up by Kentucky floodwaters

“I didn’t mean to leave her there because she special lady to me. You could tell by looking at her face that she was devastated,” Day said. – She spent the night on kitchen worktop and water was up behind the table.”

FROM help of his neighbors, Day was able to reunite both teachers with their families who waited for any updates on their whereabouts.

“It’s two of majority special women you will meet in their lives and when they show you love them show you true love. They really care about everyone around them and what’s stuck with all his life,” Day said, explaining why he risked his life to save his teachers.

ordeal was emotionally exhausted, but he is glad that children as well as former teachers are safe, Day told CNN.

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