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Flood Watch: Severe Storms probable in COLUMBIA REGION area this afternoon and evening

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From the beginning of August Washington region felt like steam bath, climax in Tuesday’s depressing high of 97 degrees. But our 10 day run of sweaty weather is about to end.

Rarely air massive transition from hot and stuffy to dry and comfortable without thunderstorms. And numerous storms are expected this afternoon and early evening; some can be quite heavy.

The National Weather Service released flood watch from 14:00 to 23:00 in expectation of showers.

“People and numerous thunderstorms expected this afternoon and tonight,” the Weather Service said. says. “Precipitation will average 1 to 1.5 inches across the area but locally higher amounts of 2 to 4 inches, probably a lot of what can fall in a one up to two hours.

Areas most vulnerable to flooding include areas near streams, streams, and areas with poor drainage. July and start of August was wetter than usual in most parts of in the region which increases the potential for flood, as the soil already wet.

In addition to heavy rain, there will be thunderstorms. also bring dangerous lightning and very strong local gusts of wind. The weather service posted our area in slightly elevated risk zone for violent storms because of impulses that could cause tree damage.

Why there are no National Weather Service warnings for lightning

Short-term models project numerous storms in our western areas from 15:00 to 17:00, next to the ring road from 16:00 to 18:00 and to our eastern suburbs from 17:00 to 19:00. more individual storms can develop early in the morning (especially in the west of Washington) and hold on past sunset (especially south and east of Washington).

Forecast weather map for early evening (shown below) depicts very slow moving in front (and in fact, additional fronts to approach from the northwest later tomorrow). Slowly-moving heavy rain and thunderstorms expected at the front development for the greater District of Columbia region starting at noon today and continuing until evening.

The highlands to the west of us and the breeze from the bay to the east will add to a purposeful rise of wet, unstable air weight. Weak altitude disturbance also approaches and raises the rise more wide.

first widespread threat for pouring rain that can lead to flash floods. The atmosphere is exceptionally humid at a deep level and storm cells will move slowly – given the very weak current at the top. In addition, these weak winds are aligned parallel to the frontal boundary − creating ideal setting for re-passing or “training” of cells over the same regions.

BUT second, more marginal threat will for multiple storms to reach harsh levels, in terms of individual gusts of wind reaching or exceeding 55-60 m/s. These so-called “microbursts” can occur when heavy, wet cores of storm cells are destroyed – creating cold rush of strong wind near the ground.

Fatal lightning strikes are rare, but most of them in common

As always, this worth reminding people to be aware of lightning. sobering loss of life from violent storms last a week near the White House is a reminder that all it takes is one strike. We had a particularly stormy summer and in our populous region each should remember that lightning cannot be neglected as a clear thunderstorm hazard.

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