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Flood victim raped by rickshaw driver in Sangar

SANGAR: Shocking incident: A girl affected by a devastating flood was allegedly raped by a rickshaw. driver on pretext of ‘diet’ in It is reported by ARY News.

In a statement written with police, the victim said that the rickshaw driver offered her food from the relief camp and took her to him home where he allegedly raped the injured girl for two days.

Speaking to ARY News, DIG Nawabshah Irfan Baloch said police have arrested a suspect and the case is under further investigation.


He said the suspect was a rickshaw driver and was arrested on identification of victim girl. The police are conducting a medical examination of victim and legal action will be taken against suspect,” DIG ARY News told DIG ARY News.

Sindh hit hard by the floods

The rains that have begun in June released powerful floods across the country that washed away the stripes of vital crops and damaged or destroyed more than a million homes.

hundreds of thousands of displaced people are in urgent need of shelter, food and clean water, with the threat of more flooding of striking parts of country in coming days, especially Sindh.

Sindh has been hit hard by catastrophic floods since over 400 died in province since June of this year.


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