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Flood death toll rises to 290: PDMA

PESHAWAR: As many as 290 people killed and 351 injured in various incidents of rain and flooding in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa from June 15 to August 31, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said. in report published here on Tuesday.

According to information provided by PDMA, total of 88,146 houses damaged. in province, including 35,357 fully damaged and 52,789 partially damaged houses.

The RAP, the district administration and other relevant departments evacuated 406,568 people. people to safe places before the flood, and 69,775 people were saved by rescue work in different areas. Rains and floods left 675 348 people displaced persons, the report said, adding that cooked food was provided by 850,680 people and dry food up to 214,751.

This was stated by PDMA KP CEO Sharif Hussain. family tents were provided for 38,588 people and plastic mats in favor of 25,670 people.

In addition, 9,535 blankets, 21,217 mattresses, 8,243 kitchen sets, 7,772 hygiene kits, 9,762 water tanks, 6,316 plastic mats, 685 life jackets, 9,319 mosquitoes. net baskets, 146 spotlights and 6785 pillows were available also were distributed among the victims people.

He said that PDMA has already issued 1,752 million rupees to the district administrations since July to address with emergency, adding according to the policy fund can be used for compensation victims and relief activities. flood control room of The KP government is fully functional. People can report any adverse event on Helpline 1700


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