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Flip flops are essential summer wear and great WWE weapons in a pinch

King of the Ring Baron Corbin deals with Chad Gable on the September 23, 2019 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Image:WWE com

We have actually got flip flops being utilized as weapons on WWE Smackdown and we enjoy it!

When you’re seeing WWE Smackdown, be prepared for things you never prepared for.

So Matthew Riddle a.k.a. “The Super King of Bros” falls out of the ring. He tries to gather himself for a second and comes up with a great idea in his mind. He grabs a random flip flop he finds on the ground and then proceeds to use it as a weapon on King Baron Corbin. When you get smacked in the face with a pink flip flop, you should follow the male who assaulted you back into the ring.

This was plainly a reenactment of something intense that went on at a rural swimming pool numerous summer seasons earlier. Where else are you going to get a shirtless male smacking a male using a crown and a bathrobe with a pink flip flop? This was something you ‘d see 2 eight-year-olds do in in between occasions at a area swim satisfy. Your moms and dads messed up if that’s not your youth.

Flip flops have actually constantly been the most underrated weapons of our life times.

From individual experience, when you get smacked in the confront with a flip flop, it does not matter if its hot pink or red, white and blue, it still harms enormously and it takes a bit of your soul with it. It’s like getting open-handed slapped in the face, just its with a shoe gadget developed to let your smelly feets breathe. You weren’t slapped if your face isn’t red and glazed with a little bit of grit.

So rather of hopping into the ring with your Ring Pop connected, prepare for some full- grown male, dude-on-dude rasslin’. If you might do it on a trampoline at 10 years of ages, you can do it now in your 20 s, 30 s or 40 s. It’s like a bar battle, however most likely not about a woman and you’re most likely not hammered at 2a m. either. At its core, getting hit in the confront with a pink flip flop is really American.

Whoever’s kid sis that salmon-colored shoe came from, thank you for motivating all of us to never ever mature. If you feel the need to disrespect somebody’s manhood or womanhood, you are more than welcome to utilize a flip flop as a weapon to let the other individual understand you suggest business and that you’re super duper Al Gore ManBearPig cereal about it.

If you have actually never ever been smacked in the confront with a flip flop, you weren’t living hard enough as a youth.

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