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Flashmob in Los Angeles of marauders caught on 7-Eleven search video

“Flashmob” of marauders were caught on camera search of 7-Eleven in Los Angeles earlier this week – Creation off with handfuls of cigarettes, snacks and other goods, authorities said.

Video clips released by the LAPD show dozens of people a lot of not bothering to hide their faces, grabbing up various items as they swarmed the chains store Monday shortly after midnight in Harbor Gateway section of in city.

Part of footage even shows noisy company going behind a counter that 7-Eleven employees apparently vacated and abandoned items to the flock of people on another side.

Suspects of flash mob robbery avoid police. Not arrest Was made.
LAPD South Traffic/YouTube
Flash mob inside 7/11.
The police are asking public for Any help in any of suspects caught on video during the robbery.
LAPD South Traffic/YouTube

Snacks, drinks, cigarettes, lottery tickets and other items were taken from the store. store what also According to police, it was vandalized. marauders also allegedly threw items in store employees.

After exiting the crowd store of suspects quickly left in area before the police arrived, the police said.

The robberies took place during street grab where drivers flooded and blocked city crossroads with them vehicles from all sides to create a “pit” in middle of this, the police said.

Viewers received out of their cars and watched drivers started “making donuts,” authorities said.

” term flash mob was first used to describe a large public meeting at which people perform unusual or apparent random act and then disperse, usually organized by of Internet or social media”, the LAPD said. in statement.

“AT latest cases, however, “flash mobs” have evolved from fun spontaneous events to opportunistic criminal incidents.”

The police were looking for the public help in arrest of suspects.

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