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Flags, speakers and rope on Freedom Fighter Bust: How Jodhpur Lost Its Peace

Religious flags raised. A few speakers have been taken down. It is alleged that the flag rope was tied on the statue of Respected freedom fighter. Nerves rose, angry words circulated, mobs gathered. Sectarian clashes erupted out.

Two days later, at Ground Zero in Jalluri Gate, Jodhpur, Sugarcane juice machines extend abandoned on The street dotted with Police barricades. There was a police teams Observe the curfew and there was only one The flag flies over my bust of Balmukund Bissa – the three colors.

Indian Express spoke to several locals, peace committee members and the police to put together events that led to the outbreak of out on Monday night and it spilled over to tuesday in Jodhpur, his hometown of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot.

They said the peace committee meeting has been held on Monday afternoon. “But still, hours Javed Hussain, one of the members said: of Peace Committee who he is former to forbid general secretary of ruling Congress.

Wednesday, state government I sent senior Congress Party Leader and Education Minister PD Kalla, who Belongs to the Besa Pushkarna Brahmin community, to remedy the situation. Twelve FIRs have been submitted to date and eight people He was arrested in these cases. a total of 133 people They were arrested under Section 151 of the Criminal Procedure Code.”

Another meeting of the Peace Committee was held on Wednesday, at the Jodhpur house, where two religious leaders appealed to Mufti Sher Muhammad and Mahant Ramprasad for Hello. But the meeting ended unresolved after the BJP withdrew out. “We decided to boycott meeting because government The bastards weren’t caught who Raising the flag of Eid on the statue of Base-G and instead Innocent people arrested, BJP MLA Suryakanta Vyas said.

At Galore Gate, Hussain said that while he was area It was on edge with Eid celebrations and Parashuram Jayanti are held together, clashes on It was Monday night triggered by upload of Science.

“Whenever there is a festival, different societies decorate Gallery portal. It is customary to raise flags on Occasions like Ambedkar Jayanti, Parashuram Jayanti and Ram Navami. but when on On Monday night, some young people raised the flag of Eid over the statue of Bisa, some people object. resulted in in “The confrontation that eventually escalated into Saddam,” Hussein said.
After the engagement, people From both communities they began to gather at the Gallory Gate. there was also Example when placing a few speakers up for Bring the feast down,” He said.

ELHussein version of events Backed up by several purported videos from the site, which show Raising the flag before one sidethen the speakers that are brought down On the other hand, amid the religious hymns.

About 100 meters from Galore Gate in Jodhpur is Mahatma Gandhi Hospital (MGH), where there are 19-yearMukul Bohra is undergoing treatment for multiple fractures in The violence that spilled out over Until Tuesday morning. Bohra “dos a DJ,” and is a part of it of J Boys’, group of Young men associated with local Hindus outfits.

“Member of J Boys saw them put up Their religious knowledge on the statue. When he tried to stop them, he was surrounded by a mob crowd. After that, a clash took place. There was a saffron flag near the circle placed up for shobha yatra of Parashuram Jayanti on 1. May Kan thrown Away. around 5 am on Tuesday, I was back from event Where I was a DJ, when the mob pushed me off My bike and they beat me with Bohra said.

merely over One kilometer inside the narrow alleys of Caputaron ka chok in Old Jodhpur, 25-year MBA – Old student Shoaib Arshad Show injury Signs on for him back.

“Per day of Eid I was back from office Where I train, when I group of 10-15 people My friends and I attacked. My friend was Sakhwat Ansari wearing kurta pajama and they have defined our religion. they hit us with “Our bike was on fire,” Arshad said, adding that he had filed a FIR report over the incident.

Rajasthan DGP ML said to three effects people They are still undergoing treatment in Hospital after being injured during the clashes. Nine policemen were also Lathar said.

A local BJP leader admitted that after the clash on Monday night, loudspeakers were set up up for Bring the feast down.

“The main reason for The engagement was that rope for The flag of Eid was tied around the neck on the statue of Balcond Besa, and closed his mouth with ribbon. This led to a controversy. After that, there was a pelting of stones, people assembled and the speakers were brought down, said Kamlesh Puruhit, a former BJP board member from area.

A rally was organized on May 1 and evening of devotional songs organized on May 2. BJP leaders and Congress came for “The Program,” Purohit said, adding that he helped organize the programs in The area for Parashuram Jayanti.

According to DCP (Jodhpur West) Vandita Rana, violence on Monday night followed by a second early clash on Tuesday morning when? people Returning from namaz, he “started with slogans and tried hard to approach the statue and remove the saffron flag.”

Police used latex canisters and tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstrators. Later, the police brought down Flag saffron and replace it with Tricolor”, a senior officer said.


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