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First Patch for Battlefield 2042 Released


First patch for Battlefield 2042 released

Two more updates to come in the next thirty days

Dice has released the first patch for Battlefield 2042.

The shooter will be officially released tomorrow, but it has been playable for a while now for those who bought a special edition of the game. Also, EA Play Pro members could already play the game, and EA Play and Xbox Game Pass members had access to a 10-hour trial.

The update aims to fix some bugs and issues that developer Dice found before the game went live, including a rubber banding issue where items or players suddenly move from one place to another. another move by lag. The complete list of improvements can be seen here. EA announces that it will be sharing more in the coming weeks in terms of upcoming fixes to the issues players are encountering. In any case, there are two more updates to be released in the next thirty days. Earlier, Dice already released a list of bugs that were reported around the game. Voice chat must also be added to the game sometime after launch.

Gamer.nl posted a review last week -in-progress: “Battlefield 2042 seems to be a distinct take on the Battlefield formula. With a futuristic twist and focus on teamwork between Specialists, this part stands proudly on its own, while the shooting remains true to previous success. Both the continuation of classic modes like the new Hazard Zone have the potential to remain interesting, the Portal element pays off especially as an ingrained remaster of multiplayer nostalgia, but the game’s life expectancy stands or falls with the service component, about which a lot is still very unclear.”

Dice has released the first patch for Battlefield 2042.

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