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First ever Olympic game tournament will be held this spring

Prior to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first ever Olympic game tournament will be held.

The tournament is called Olympic Virtual Series and takes place from 13 May to June 23. Participants can play from training locations or from home, but more details on how to participate should follow shortly. The focal point of the tournament is Tokyo, which will also host the Olympic Games later this year. games eBaseball Powerful Pro Baseball and Gran Turismo. There are also sports simulations of rowing, cycling and sailing. Game companies such as Polyphony Digital, Konami, Virtual Regatta and Zwift help the organization, as well as the international sports federations of the five virtual sports that will be played.

Despite The fact that Olympic Virtual Series is officially licensed by the Olympic Games is not directly part of that. Esports athletes have been campaigning for years for the addition of eSports to the Games.


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