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First drop in second-hand video card prices is a fact

Chip shortages and crypto farmers have been driving video card prices since late 2020, even on the second-hand circuit. For the first time since January, the (re)sale of popular GPUs seems to be falling in price, according to data now circulating on mining forums.
Price trend was captured by Reddit user gregable, who shared a very detailed chart on r/EtherMining. Based on collected eBay sales data, it is clear to see how the prices of second-hand GPUs gradually decline around May 16.

The data is not directly based on price points, but rather on the price-per-

hash on which various GPUs were sold. Ethereum (ETH) in particular is a popular cryptocurrency to mine with these video cards, which has recently been less successful in the market. Cards with higher hashrates seem to plummet faster than less efficient models, such as the somewhat older GeForce 2060 Super and GeForce 2080. It is not yet clear whether Nvidia’s rollout of Lite Hash Rate cards has a lot to do with this. Many popular GPUs from the Ampere generation come with newer reissues, which have been roughly halved in their Ethereum hashing. Coincidentally, the official announcement of the LHR reissues also took place in May.

Should Ethereum recover, the decline could potentially stabilize again. For many gamers, the main hope is that the price will continue to fall, so that nice video cards (second-hand or not) will become somewhat affordable again.

Source: u/gregable

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