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Firestorm as CBI searches for Sisodia homehe calls in FIR corruption

Tensions between the BJP-ruled centrist and the AAP government in Delhi’s escalation escalated on Friday after the CBI conducted searches in 31 locationsincluding home of vice Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, in Connection with case has been registered against Him and many excise officers in Capital over alleged corruption in the proposal of a liquor policy Recently withdrawn by Delhi government.

CBI sources said that Sisodia’s residence was among the 31 locations They are searched all over the country. Introductions of Three senior excise officers in Delhi also A CBI officer said.

The buildings that were inspected included those associated with former Delhi Tax Commissioner Arava Gopi Krishna and former Deputy Excise Commissioner Anand Tiwari.

“CBI has come. I welcome them. We are an honest train. Building future of lakhs of children. It is a pity that these who an act work in The country is being harassed like this is. This is why our country has not become No. 1 yet,” Sisodia said in Twitter post in Indian where searches began in the morning.

Late at night, Sisodia told reporters: “A CBI team came in I searched all morning house. Mine computer The phone was seized. Mine family cooperated with CBI team. We did nothing wrong We are not afraid. we know CBI is being misused. It is controlled from above. Everyone knows that by controlling the CBI, BJP wants to stop good work Done by AAP. They are katar imaandaar hain (we are very honest people). we built Schools, hospitals…the center can abuse the CBI as much as it wants, and we won’t be stopped good work. He said he wasn’t called. for questioned yet.

The development It comes less than a month after Delhi Governor Veena Kumar Saxena recommended a CBI investigation into Delhi tax policy 2021-22, putting Sisodia, in-Cost of excise department, directly in Line of fire. After this, Delhi government announced was pulling policy.

The governor’s recommendation came on the heels of a report by Delhi’s chief trustee Naresh Kumar on Subject. The report, which officials said has been submitted on July 8, undeserved benefits were allegedly offered to liquor licenses.

The report claimed that the Excise Department decided to allow waiver of 144.36 crore to liquor cartel, on – License Fee Provided Under Excuse of Covid pandemic.

the report also claimed that decisions Taken by the excise department did not receive approval of The competent authority, namely the Council of Ministers, and therefore the lieutenant governor.

Delhi government Foot new policy for height government revenue, improve consumer experience and reduce Corruption and alcohol redistribution shops in in an equitable manner. under new policyexecuted in November last yearJust private liquor shops were to run in Capital.

In its FIR, the CBI named 15 people and with Sisodia’s name is at the top of The list.

The FIR stated: “Praveen Kumar Rai, Director of MHA has conveyed… directives of Competent authority for Investigate it of infractions in framing and execution of excise policy of GNCTD of Delhi for The year 2021-22 by central office of Investigation. he has also Message transmitted of LG Vinai Kumar Saxena alleges irregularities in framing and execution of excise policy. The operation manual has been attached herewith, which reveals the deputy of Manish Sisodia CM; Arava Gopi Krishna, then Commissioner (Excise); Anand Tiwari, then Deputy Commissioner (Excise); And Pankaj Bhatnagar, Assistant Commissioner (Excise) was instrumental in Recommendation and take decisions tax related policy for The year 2021-22 without consent of Competent authority with Intent to provide undue advantages to licensees post tender.”

“Apart from the above, reliable sources have revealed that Vijay Nair, former Executive Director of Only Louder, Entertain and event Manoj Ray Management Company, formerly Employee of Pernod Ricard Amandeep Dhal, Owner of Brendko and Sameer Mahendru spirits, owner of Indospirit, actively involved in infractions in framing and execution of excise policyCBI . said in her info

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The source further revealed that some of L-1 license holders issue credit notes to retailers with ab-initio intent to transfer money as an unnecessary financial advantage to public Servants. In furtherance of this, they appear false entries in written by them of Accounts to keep record straight. The source further revealed that Amit Arora, director of Buddy Retail Pvt Limited, Gurgaon; Dinesh Arora and Arjun Pandey are close associates of Manish Sisodia is actively involved in Managing and transferring the unjustified financial advantage obtained from those licensed to drink alcoholic beverages to the accused public Servants. The source further revealed that Sameer Mahendru, MD, Indospirit, has transferred amount of one Rs crores to the account of Radha Industries. Radha Industries is operated by Dinesh Arora. The source further revealed that Arun Ramchandra Pillai used to collect unnecessary financial benefits from Sameer Mahendru. for Onwards forward it to the accused public Server by Vijay Nair. Someone named Arjun Pandey collected huge sums cash amount of About 2-4 crore rupees from Sameer Mahendru on In my name or for me of Vijay Nair. The source also informed that Mahadev Liquors, a proprietary company, has been granted an L-1 license. Sunny Marwa is the authorized signatory of a company. he is also director in Companies / companies managed by family of The late Ponte Shada. The source reported that Sunny Marwa is in get close to people with Accused public The Central Bank of Iraq’s flight information report claimed.

“The above facts at first glance reveal the commission of Offenses punishable under Sections 120-B, 477A IPC, and Section 7 of ban of Corruption Act 1988 (as amended in 2018) on Section of (The named accused) and others unknown public servants and private persons”.

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