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fired shadow minister calls for Work hard to show solidarity with strikes | Labor, work

former shadow transport minister Sam Tarry, who was fired after broadcast interview from the picket line, said he “absolutely” still thinks Sir Keir Starmer is best man to lead country, but Labor must show solidarity with striking workers.

Labor MP for Ilford South, who joined Picket at Paddington station in London on Saturday, PA said news agency: “I think Keir Starmer is absolutely still best person to become prime minister and I will campaign every day for work government”.

But Tarry, who was fired from the shadow office on Wednesday after joining Picket line, said Labor party needed a “fundamental recalibration” of his relationship with in trade union movement and necessary show It was on them side.

Speaking on Aslef picket line outside Paddington station, he said: “We should It never happened in situation where we had a decree that you can’t join picket line. It’s labor party tip in title. We party founded trade unions.”

He added that the connection between union movement and labor party was “indivisible” and “part of of the same fabric.

starmer, who previously banned front benches from joining picket lines, said Tarry was fired for conducting media round without any prior warning.

Tarry also appeared next to former party leader Jeremy Corbyn at a rally for striking BT workers on Friday.

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Tarry said on Friday: “It’s not about me or Keira Starmer. It’s about labor party demonstrating it on in side of ordinary British workers in this country.

“I think it’s fundamental mistake prohibit Labor MPs from being on picket lines. It shouldn’t be.”

He said he spoke to several deputies across the country. who supported the workers.

Tarry ruled out any potential bid for the Labor leadership on Saturday and said he “focused on be a deputy for Ilford South” and “do best job” he could for in people of Ilford South.

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