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FIR filed against senior journalists over alleged criticism of government agencies – Pakistan

Cases registered against journalists Imran Riaz Khan, Sabir Shakir and Arshad Sharif for allegedly criticizing state institutions and inciting sedition, arose on Sunday.

first information report (FIR) against Khan, copy of which available with Dawn.comwas registered in Thatta police station in Dhabeji in accordance with sections 131 (incitement to sedition), 153 (provoking cause riot), 452 (trespass), and 505 (statement promoting public misfortune) of Pakistan Penal Code (CPC).

FIR reported that the complainant heard Khan allegedly speaking against army and institutions in “pejorative and provocative language” on social media.

Meanwhile a couple of FIR were also registered against host Arshad Sharif on Friday and Thursday in Hyderabad and Karachi. FIR, copies of which available with Dawn.comwere registered under sections 131, 153 and 505 of Checkpoint.

They referred to Sharif’s comments in talk with journalist Matiulla Yan on his YouTube channel, in which he allegedly “disrespected” state institutions and made statements that attempted to “spread hate in army and create a hateful atmosphere.”

Other FIR in Dadu, registered on On Friday, under sections 131, 153 and 505 of the PPC, Sharif and his colleagues are mentioned. Ahri News journalist Sabir Shakir. FIR stated that “pejorative language”in relation to state institutions, it was used in conversation between them and analogies were drawn Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq. This is added what these two incited people against army and government agencies.

It is pertinent to note that a similar FIR was also recently registered against journalist Sami Ibrahim in Section 505, 131 and 499 assault (defamation) of checkpoints that deal with with statements creating or inciting enmity, hatred, an attempt to seduce a soldier, sailor or airman from his duty.

FIR was founded on Complaint by Akhtar Javid advocate of Attock city, who said he lookedCanada News Pack“, Ibrahim’s Youtube channel. He said that Ibrahim hatched a plot and spread rumors against government agencies in vlog.

Sharif said today there have been “several cases” against four journalists in various police stations across the country.

Journalists against those who have filed FIR are generally understood to be closer to PTI.

Meanwhile, PTI chairman Imran Khan denounced the filing of FIR against journalists and called it “political retribution.” He claimed that government was behind “fake FIR” and said it was “absolutely unacceptable”.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) issued a warning to the TV channels. on Monday against ventilation content which “makes fun” of state institutions, especially the judiciary and the army, or face retribution, such as suspension of transmission and overlay of penalty without prior notice. Pemra’s instructions followed similar warning on May 9 back where he warned private electronic media from airing content against armed forces and the judiciary.

Army also recently took a “strong exception” to “intense and deliberate attempts” to drag his name into the country’s ongoing political discourse by “certain political leaders, journalists and analysts”.

military media the wing noted that attempts to involve the armed forces and their senior leadership in political discourse “manifested itself through direct, insinuated or nuanced references made some political leaders, several journalists and analysts on public forums and various communication platforms, including social media”.

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