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Fine upheld: President orders SHIFA to refund Rs2.9m to patient’s daughter

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi on Saturday instructed the Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority (IHRA) issue Shifa International Hospital Islamabad (SHIFA) instructions to reimburse amount of 2.9 million rupees daughter of a patient who died due to negligence, professional misconduct and malpractice of the doctors of hospital.

The president also supported the introduction of fine of 900,000 rupees on SHIFA as maladministration and medical malpractice have been proven against in the hospital, the press service of the presidential secretariat said. in Press release on Saturday.

The President issued these instructions, rejecting the submission filed by IHRA. against orders of Wafaki Mohtasib (WM) in whom, according to Mokhtasib, the applicant (deceased patient daughter) was discriminated against against as in similar case in in pastIHRA not only imposed a fine on SHIFA but had also issued a referral to the hospital for a refund. amount in instead of of Medical bills.

He ordered that the return should paid to the applicant within a week.

Rejecting the IHRA submission, the president noted that the IHRA was investigating complaints found medical malpractice and fines of Rs 900,000 on SHIFA which had also was obtained by IHRA and thus medical malpractice was established in the medical facility.

He also said that the IHRA did not order the hospital to reimburse the actual costs. amount of medical bill incurred on treatment of applicant mother according to orders of scientist Wafaki Mokhtasib; whereas in another case, namely Dr. Iktidar Mehmood Dara v. Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad, IHRA ruled that “the medical bill should be returned to the applicant by SHIFA International Hospital.”

The President has decreed that it is an established principle that persons should treat equally and equal treatment of all is the hallmark of of our Constitution, i.e. articles 4 and 25.

He said that the subject and purpose of the law will only be enforced when the applicant is granted assistance for any negligence on the part of the hospital. “The agency must be more vigilantly and vigilantly carry out their duties,” he said. added.

[Theresidentfurthernoticedthat[residentfurtherobservedthatthemainpurpose[Жительдалеезаметилчто[residentfurtherobservedthatthemainцельof creation of The Islamabad Health Regulatory Authority was to “…provide regulatory framework to ensure security of quality medical services by implementing quality standards in the healthcare sector for residents of Islamabad Capital Territory. He noted that IHRA was responsible “to exercise any authority and perform any features that may be needed for carrier out goals of his law on Instruction of Federal Government” and since mismanagement and sloppiness had been established and it had not been attacked by SHIFA, therefore the orders had been correctly taken and the submission deserved to be rejected.

According to the details, Ms Farrukh Naim Tahir (the applicant) stated that her mother was diagnosed with COVID-19 who died due to negligence of the doctors of SHIFA and she filed a complaint with IHRA against hospital and IHRA fined of Rs 900,000/- on hospital for of negligence, but did not ask the hospital to reimburse the medical bill of Rs. 2 979 637/- on request of Wafaki Mokhtasib.

She then applied review application and asked to reopen the case and revisit it earlier decision with in direction at IHRA in issue instructing the hospital to reimburse the bill for the treatment.

Mokhtasib gave the order in her favor, which were disputed by IHRA by filing with the president.

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