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Fine for No seat belt on The back seat, Gadkari says; The death of Rios Mistry, who ‘taught a new lesson’

Etihad Transport minister Nitin Gadkari on Tuesday said the way safety It was “highest agenda” for The country as it answers the questions surrounding the tragedy death of former President of Tata Sons Cyrus Mistry in a car Accident near Mumbai. The minister He said Mistry was a “close friend” and it was the accident new Lesson in how road safety seen in country where belt systems in The back seat was not followed by law.

“It would be too early to make any comments on The reason of the incident. But an unfortunate accident. Cyrus Mistry was a close friend of me… you will find out The reason Things are corrected, but at the moment we don’t have any reports. One very important thing, the way safety he is highest agenda for Country and this incident is teaching us a new Lesson,” Gadkari said CNN News 18.

Gadkari said law already There is an authorization wearing of seat belt in The backbut fine of 1000 rupees will be offered to charge rule in a more in a strict manner. he is added this center government He was planning to make it mandatory for Car makers to introduce seat belt Warning system for The back seats as well.

“Actually, there are already Law for people sitting in Rear seat. Seat must be worn belt. If those in the front don’t wear the seat beltthe alarm goes off. Now, we’re making a law that the factory does this for The back seat as well. If we find people Not wearing The belt in The backThey will be fined 1,000 rupees. But our intention is not to punish people But raising awareness of the need to respect the law and fear in order to save lives, Gadkari said, adding that before the end of 2024, reduce accidents by 50 percent and deaths by 50 percent on The path was difficult, but not impossible.

Gadkari also said government I was also Talking to auto Makers to present six Car airbags. “we already have discussions with auto car makers should You have six Airbags I am sure that automobile Industry will cooperate. The cost of one airbag 1000 rupees, for six It will be 6000 rupees, but cost not important. We have to save lives and that’s the most important thing.” added.

if not wearing seat belt seated by passengers in backside already fine attracts of 1,000 rupees under rule 138 (3) of Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), mostly people Either unaware of This is mandatory rule or just Ignore them. According to a recent Ministry of Roads report, the figure of dead and injured due to lack of wearing seat belt During 2020, they numbered 15,146 and 39,102 respectively.

Cyrus Mistry and his friend Jahangir Pandol were killed on Sunday afternoon when car hit divider road in Charoti in Palghar district. two more car Occupants, Anahita Bandol, who He was at the wheel, and she husband Darius Bandol suffered injuries and was accepted into the A private hospital in Mumbai. the incident took place on Syria River Bridge when the four were on they way to Mumbai from Gujarat.

Mistery and Jhangir were sitting in The back Nor wearing Seat belts as per preliminary investigation, police official adding that over- speed anderror of judging by driver caused the incident. luxury car He was speeding when the accident happened took place, the police said.

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