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Findings from historic Justice Department lawsuit on searches in Mar-a-Lago

accusers of the flesh out new details about ongoing criminal Trump’s possible abuse investigation of secret documents that he took from the White House to his resort and home in Florida. Trump and his allies deny any wrongdoing.

In total United States government recovered more over 320 secret documents from Mar-a-Lago since January, including more over 100 seized in August Search, Department of Justice says.

Innings in response to Trump’s proposal for a “special master” in civil action against Department of Justice, weeks after the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago. The Trump-appointed judge hearing the case said her “preliminary intention” is to bring in a special master. Hearing set for Thursday.

Here are some key conclusions from the feed, what we have learned and where we are going from here.

Documents have been moved and possibly hidden from investigators

The documents “probably were hidden and removed”from the pantry in Mar-a-Lago as part of of The Justice Department said it was an attempt to “obstruct” the FBI’s investigation. in submission on Tuesday.

What’s more, the Justice Department said the search was “raised in serious doubt.” on allegations by his lawyers that a “thorough search” had been carried out to recover secret material in answer to grand jury summons.

Trump’s lawyer signs statement to Justice Department in June confirms that everything of secret material in Mar-a-Lago was returned.

Findings from historic Justice Department lawsuit on searches in Mar-a-Lago

“What the FBI, in question of hoursrecovered twice so many documents with classification marks as a “thorough search” that former Presidential counsel and other representatives had weeks to perform casts doubt on ideas made in certificate dated 3 June and calls into question on degree of cooperation in about this,” the Department of Justice wrote.

Justice Department rejects Trump criticism and lies about FBI search

Justice Department document gave federal investigators chance refute — on in record — a lot of of statements Trump, his lawyers and his political allies have been making as they have been highly critical of the FBI’s unprecedented search of his residence.

The Department of Justice wrote that the application included a “detailed of relevant facts, many of which are intended to correct an incomplete and inaccurate narrative set forward in plaintiff’s statements.”

The filing cites many examples that refute Trump’s claims. team about the search and what happened in in lead-up to that.

For example, the lead Ministry of Justice official claims federal investigators were restricted in what they could view when visiting the Mar-a-Lago resort in June — contrary to Trump teamnarrative of total cooperation.

Trump’s lawyers did not claim the documents were declassified

Department of Justice account also refuted claims by Trump and his allies that former President declassified materials in question.

“When processing documents, counsel neither the keeper claimed that former The President declassified documents or made any claims of the privilege of the executive branch,” the statement said.

“Instead of, counsel dealt with them in the way that suggested counsel believed that the documents were classified: the production included a single Redweld envelope, double-wrapped in ribbon, containing document,” prosecutors added.

Painting worth a thousand words

final page of The 54-page lawsuit was a photograph lined up with the covers of classified documents. on in floor of Trump office in Mar-a-Lago, including documents with very sensitive material like human sources.

photo went home a message that the Justice Department apparently made on Tuesday, out his most reliable defense for now of Search.

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government took guarded of documents from Mar-a-Lago three times this is year: Trump voluntarily applied over 15 boxes to the National Archives in January, Trump team turned around over a little materials on the agenda in June, and the FBI seized 33 more boxes during the search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month.

Prosecutors say FBI agents have recovered over 100 unique secret documents during the search of Mar-a-Lago on 8 August. (Investigators do not disclose how a lot of of these were the top secret.”)

About the passport

Trump attacked the FBI for took away his passports, although they were later returned, claiming that they outside scale of warrant and incorrectly withdrawn.

But government claimed that the passports found in a desktop drawing containing classified documents, with government records “mixed with other documents.”

” location of passports are relevant evidence in investigation of unauthorized storage and mishandling of national defense information; Nonetheless, government decided to return those passports in at its discretion,” the Department of Justice wrote.

BUT special the owner will prevent review of national security risks, Department of Justice says

The Department of Justice claimed in On Tuesday, the court filed an application for the appointment special master review in materials taken from the Trump residence will harm national security, claiming it will delay the intelligence community continues review of documents kept in Mar-a-Lago.

“Business date, meeting of a special The master will let the government continue criminal investigations and — if special The master was instructed with viewing classified documents – will prevent the intelligence community from conducting its current review of in national safety risk that improper storage of these are very sensitive materials you can have caused and from determining measures to eliminate or mitigate any damage caused by improper storage caused”, – wrote the lawyers of the Ministry of Justice.

The Department highlighted these risks as it argued that special master would be “unnecessary” given that the DOJ’s internal filter team It was already finished his work separation of potentially privileged documents from seized materials for secret documents and ‘governmentinvestigative team It has already viewed all of other materials, including any that are potentially the subject of claims of executive privilege.

“Besides, the appointment of a special The master will let the government continue criminal investigation,” the Ministry of Justice said.

DOJ statement sets the stage for Trump reply and hearing on Thursday

With revelations from new feed, the clock is ticking for Trump to reply in another court submission should be on Wednesday and then in court on Thursday afternoon.

Deadline for Trump is due to file a written response to the department’s memo at 8:00 pm ET Wednesday.

then on On Thursday, the two sides will argue before US District Judge Eileen Cannon, appointed by Trump. in federal court in West Palm Beach. On Saturday, Cannon signaled she was inclined to grant Trump’s request. for a special master in the order she gave down Saturday masonry out briefing schedule. But she said she didn’t made a final determination on cause.

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