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Find out about Seat's seven tips for making a perfect turn

Safety is essential and then you can add the pleasure of driving

Cornering well while driving is essential for safety purposes and for those who still like to enjoy from the sensations behind the wheel, it will improve performance and increase the pleasure that many drivers like to have while driving on a more challenging road.

Collecting the Seat Ibiza FR, taking advantage of a chassis suspension less than 15 mm and its 18” wheels, the Spanish brand has developed seven tips for turning the best possible shape under the supervision of the Director of Vehicle Physics at Seat SA, Ángel Suárez:


1. Anticipate

curves by looking at the road ahead whenever possible:

two. Respect and take advantage of the signage not only to know the direction of the curve, but also the speed at which to circulate;

3. When it is necessary to brake or reduce, do it before the curve when the wheels are still straight and there is more stability;

4. Adapt speed and braking to weather conditions, the floor and also the time of day with regard to brightness;

5. Make the most of the space in the lane by placing yourself outside the curve to make the angle as wide as possible,


6. The hands must always be well positioned on the steering wheel – in an analogy with the hands of the clock at 10:10 am – which must be rotated from progressive and constant form without sudden movements;

7. Once the curve is completed, with the wheels straight, the acceleration will help to maintain stability.

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