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FIA carry out complete PTI Foreign Funding Case Investigation: Marriyum

Federal Information Minister Marryum Aurangzeb speaks at a press conference in Islamabad after the meeting of in government cabinet meeting on Thursday, August 4, 2022 – PID
  • Marrium Aurangzeb says an investigation was launched against “all involved in this is crime.”
  • She is highlights the government had nothing to do with case of foreign funding and that was Akbar S. Babar who filed a petition.
  • Information minister announces that the government has decided to file a declaration against PTI in SC.

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information Marryum Aurangzeb on Thursday said the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) will conduct out a complete investigating PTI’s foreign funding case.

Speaking at a press conference after the government’s cabinet meeting in Federal cabinet, Aurangzeb said investigation launched from today against “all involved in this is crime.”

” government will take action in in light of election Committee of Pakistan’s verdict and there will be an investigation into what the funds were used for,” she said, adding that “everything of they would be in jail if the sentence had been handed down during the reign of Imran Khan.”

information minister emphasized that government there was nothing to do with foreign funding case, and that was Akbar S. Babar – Founding Member of PTI – who filed a petition.

“PTI has been declared a foreign-backed organization. party from ESP in this is decision which was issued eight years later under the Political Parties Decree 2002 and the Electoral Law 2017,” she said.

“It’s been eight years and PTI still doesn’t provide answers. National Bank of Pakistan set records in ECP which showed that PTI postponed hearing 75 times during these years,” she said, adding that the khan-led country was declared “foreignly funded.” party”.

information minister announced what government decided to apply against PTI – in application for party dissolved – in Supreme Court.

“PTI failed declare 16 accounts. Accounts have been opened in names of in party leaders, where they received money,” she is added.

Moult light on assistance measures taken out for in flood victims in Balochistan, Aurangzeb said Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif visited flood- affected areas.

“Prime Minister Shehbaz sent give 1 million rupees as compensation families who lost their loved ones and 500,000 rupees to those whose houses were destroyed. destroyed”, – said the leader of the PML-N.

minister added that the prime minister instructed the administration for immediate rehabilitation of victims.

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