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Fetterman’s heart problems add Wild Card to key Pennsylvania Senate race

AT fight between Paul Bunyan-like common a man and a famous doctor, a doctor may turn out to be responsible candidate. And Dr. Oz will know how sell it, said Samantha Magic, a political scientist at John Jay College of criminal Justice, who studies style and celebrity in politics.

“Celebrity in modern sense – someone who known, highly productive, manageable and in in the media but they also commercialized, they using their celebrity for sale,” said Professor Magic. She is added: “As campaigns become more expensive you must have celebrity capital to financial capital. You must stand out”.

Among Democrats and many independents in Pennsylvania, Mr. Fetterman is popular. Poll from Franklin and Marshall College just before the primary – and before his stroke – found what 67 percent of Democratic voters treated him favorably, well above 46 percent who spokesman Conor Lamb warmly treated his main opponent.

Burwood A. Yost, director of center for Public opinion research at Franklin & Marshall found that, given the Democratic nominee’s age of 52, of age, health problems “may make Fetterman even more relative”. You live to 50 as a working class person and you have some scars to show for It’s right?” he said. “This is another contrast between the two candidates. I mean, there can’t be any contrast. more Stark.

And coming back after a health setback is not uncommon. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, whose progressive politics look like Mr. Fetterman, heart hurt attack in end of 2019, with the presidential primaries season is approaching, and he hardly missed a second.

But Mr Fetterman will remain off in campaign drag for sometime.

“Doctors told me that I need continue to rest, eat right, exercise and concentrate on my recovery, and that’s exactly what I’m doing,” he said. in his statement. He added: “It’s frustrating – everything more so it’s my fault – but the bear with i, i need a little more time. I’m not really back up to 100 percent yet, but I’m getting closer every day.”

Rebecca Katz, strategist for Mr Vetterman flatly denied that campaign kept his state hidden. Campaign officials announced he needed a pacemaker soon How did they know about it, and campaign released Friday’s statement as soon as the doctor gave his permission, she said. Democratic officials became so worried that there was talk of recruiting new nominee gossip she pushed back on hard.

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