Fetterman slams Oz for ‘wrongly convicted’ brothers fired

  • Oz campaign called on Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman fire “Convicted Killers” on his staff.
  • Fetterman has two brothers, Dennis and Lee Horton. who were pardoned in 2021.
  • “Dr. Oz believes that a wrongfully convicted should die in prisonFetterman asked. in statement.

Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman on Thursday rejected “sad and desperate” demand from his rival that he fire from him campaign two brothers who were pardoned after claiming they had been unfairly convicted of second-degree murder.

In 1993, Lee and Dennis Horton were charged of give a ride to a friend who killed a man in a Philadelphia bar. Brothers who insisted they were innocent, declined plea deals that would allow them to free themselves from prison in From 5 to 10 years, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer, and received a life sentence. instead.

Finally they were released in 2021 after Pennsylvania Council of The pardons, which are led by Fetterman, unanimously recommended that their sentences be commuted.

Oz campaign, in in a press release on Thursday morning, the Hortons were simply referred to as “convicted murderers,” but part of many months of trying to draw your own democratic opponent how condescending on crime.

AT post on TwitterOz who won Republican Party nomination for Senate after approval former President Donald Trump also wrote that the brothers “were condemned in in murder and are now paid [Fetterman’s] campaign He did not mention that their sentences were commuted after they had served more than 27 years old behind bars.

“I go after two campaign employees are new short for Dr. Oz,” Fetterman said. in response. In his statement, he described the Hortons as “wrongly convicted” and said that the fighting for their release” was one of proudest moments of my career and I am honored to have them on this is team.”

The statement noted that the release of Hortons at the time was supported by the highest official in government amendments system. “They are just do not belong in prison”, – Mark Wahl, Deputy Head of Department of Amendments, said in letter with a link to work behind bars for further rehabilitation of other detainees men.

“Dr. Oz believes that a wrongfully convicted should die in prisonFetterman continued. Does this person have compassion? He makes predictable and fear-mongering attack against two men who spent 27 years in prison for a crime they are not commit.”

representative for Oz campaign did not immediately return the request for comment.

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