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Fears of clearing chaos at level A results forecast unexpectedly low | Levels

Universities warning that Thursday A-level results in England and Wales could be another marketing fiasco like in one in 2020, with “dramatic swing” back less generous results and disadvantaged students out» how thousands fail of their predicted grades and miss out on their college places.

After two years of record results, government said this is the year of school graduates, who were first in order to pass A-level exams since the beginning of the pandemic, these exams will be graded at the “middle” between the increase in the pandemic and the normal level of 2019. However, universities now fear that unexpectedly low results in Scottish higher education institutions whose students have received last Tuesday likely to be repeated in England on Thursday morning. General pass rate for Higher fell from 89.3% in 2020 up 78.9% this summer.

Andrew Hargreaves, former director at Ucas Admissions and co-founder of dataHE, a consulting company advising universities on reception, said Observer: There are heated discussions on about it in universities. Many fear that we might have another one year akin to 2020 when all the headlines were about the A-level fiasco.”

After school closures result of pandemic in March 2020 and the students failed to pass the exams, the exam regulator drew up controversial standardization algorithm for award Level A ratings. This resulted in nearly 40% of predicted that grades would be lowered and many students, especially those from poorer backgrounds, would lose their university places. Students and parents reacted with rage and government was forced to make a humiliating U-turn back to teacher grades.

Although A-levels in England and Wales are overseen by various independent regulators and the spokesman for department for Education stated that it would be “wrong use Scottish results as a basis for speculation,” Hargreaves told the Scottish results may be good indicator of what is coming. He added: “It’s a lot more a sharp swing than expected, and it’s certainly not the middle.”

Competition for locations are expected to be exceptionally violent. Photo: M4OS Photos/Alamy

Competition for places at the most selective universities were exceptionally brutal. year, with institutions cutting back on number of suggestions made after being forced to take more students than they wanted during a pandemic and population surge in number of eighteen-year-old.

In recent years, before the pandemic, strong candidates who slipped good chance of saying them way in leading institution on phone, but experts say it’s much less likely now, especially in popular topics. Hargreaves urged students to wait for results to start studying plan B just in case, while Lee Elliot Major, professor of social mobility at the University of Exeter, warned that on Thursday results could be catastrophic for social mobility. He said that selected universities might not be able to “accept chance” on many promising candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds, because their grades are sharply out be too low. ” real the fear is that many disadvantaged students, whose education has been disproportionately undermined by the pandemic, will face elbows. out,” he added. “This year there will be the most difficult admissions round in life memory for many contenders.

Victoria Panny of Hampshire, whose son Taylor hopes to study sociology at Bournemouth University, said: “I saw Scottish students not getting the expected grades and I spoke to my son about backup plans. This is a very worrying time.”

She said, “It seems government and examination boards completely ignored fact what for in first year of A-level students had to endure two blocks, and most of them of their training was in solitude online”.

Mark Garratt director of Marketing, Communications and Recruitment at Anglia Ruskin University, students may not understand that clearing already are open and they can contact universities now to see if they have places available in the items they want. “There will be many more of places at universities across the country,” he said. “Training in advance can alleviate stress when students receive their results”.

DfE said: “Sample of estimates in every item in England will be located approximately in the middle between the proportion of every class in this item in 2021 and 2019. They are not the same policy busy in Scotland. Ukas expects the majority of students to provide them place by their firm choice this year and our attention was focused on working with universities in ensure proposals reflect the grades students will receive this summer.”

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