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“Fault” with Governor of the KP: “powerless” caretaker CM I’m thinking of retiring

PESHAWAR: Sharp differences disappeared up between the caretaker Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Mohammad Azam Khan and KP Governor Haji Ghulam Ali and rumors were circulated on Monday what CM Azam Khan was about to retire. office due to excessive aggression of the governor role and intervention in his dominions by governor and chief secretary KP.

Although KP CM A representative of the House of Representatives called reports of Azam’s resignation unfounded, he confirmed. CM differences with Governor Ghulam Ali.

“The governor is biased. Is not possible hold free and fair elections with governor in V office”said the spokesman, quoting the caretaker CM Azam.

Reports of resignation of V CM were in circulation on social media quotes boss minister saying, “When the governor has all the power, what is it need for me to take all the blame.”

The representative said there was no truth in layoff notices of chief caretaker minister”This just hearing”.

In addition, reports of differences between watchman CM and chief secretary were also distributed by on social media.

source close to CM told this scribe that the chief secretary KP was also not following orders of V CM Or rather, it was fully connected with prime minister’s office, bypassing the chief minister. The source said that CM was about to retire, being powerless.

PTI moves SC against Governor KP, ECP

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani on Monday filed for contempt against Governor of the Communist Party and Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for no date announced of elections in province, stating that it was a violation of the ruling of the Supreme Court (SC).

The petition alleged that the governor “deliberately chose to ignore the high status of his high constitutional office”, adding that he “already in violation of his constitutional obligations and that he should set a date for conducting general elections to the Assembly of the Communist Party”.

PTI leader asks court to start legal action against governor and “punish him accordingly.”

Ghani also asked the Supreme Court to comply with his order announcing the date of the election.

“Respondent 1 [KP governor] is unwilling or unwilling to fix such a date, this Esteemed Court may either instruct that President or any other suitable officer to fix such a date. for survey or fix the date itself, how it was done in previous elections,” the petition reads.

62 days have passed since the dissolution of the KP Assembly, but the date of elections have not yet taken place announced. The High Court had also ordered the governor give date for polls in provinces.

Earlier this month the Supreme Court announced his verdict after a two-day trial in case of delay in V announcement of date for provincial elections in Punjab and KP.

The High Court ruled that the elections in both assemblies should be carried out in V next 90 days, with Main justice saying, “Democracy cannot exist without assemblies.”

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