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fast thinking driver saves a motorist from an attack in fast lane | Manchester

When John Barlow set out on M62 on Saturday with his family he planned to just collect new Kitty for his seven-year-old son.

But when on them way there an engineer and a martial arts instructor noticed car driving erratically in in fast lane, it ended up making an unplanned, life-saving detour.

After trying to get the driver’s attention and seeing that the person who was driving at a speed of about 30 miles per hour, was unconscious, he boldly decided drive in front of in the car, keeping the same speed before braking very slowly to car would hit his vehicle and stop.

Later he found out that he performed a controlled stop despite never doing one before.

Then he jumped out of his car try to save the person. Other driver helped him force his way in car and he cleared the airways of that man, who is in he is 70 years old and worked with others to save his life.

Surprisingly, his car escaped almost unscathed, and he and Joey still managed to pick up Chip’s Burmese kitten from Scunthorpe and bring him home in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

When Barlow, aged 59, first noticed car and saw an unconscious man behind wheel, he was convinced that he dead.

Barlow drove in front of male car before slow braking. Photo: PA Media

“I got in middle lane and I flashed him move over and pointing to move in front of me to accompany him to hard shoulder, he said. But when the man didn’t answer, he pulled up next to him and saw that he was not well.

“He was almost completely gray and his lips were blue and he was bleeding and vomit and stuff. down his chin,” Barlow said.

“I told my wife, ‘I think he dead … I can’t just leave it [the car] going down motorway like this is.'”

He led in front of it before very slow braking. “When he hit to me first time, my little boy was screaming, but there was nothing I could do. got married already We decided then that we would try to stop him,” he said.

After trying in in vain to break the window of locked door with his elbow, the other driver helped him get in with a hammer.

Recently completed first retraining course, he didn’t forget to pull the man out head back to help him to breathe – “it was like very intense gurgling” before he did – before two women with medical knowledge, accompanied off-duty doctor with a defibrillator came to his rescue until an ambulance arrived. “This was team effort,” Barlow said.

Later he found out that the man was released from the hospital and that he had a seizure.

car received a few scratches and a slightly warped frame under the bumper, but he said “nothing to worry about”.

Seeking back Barlow thinks his actions were perhaps “a bit stupid” but he was determined at the time help. “You just do something, don’t you, sometimes without thinking about it – he added.

Overall, however, it was life-affirming experience. “All you get is bad news, isn’t it,” he said, and added: “It’s all about robberies and this and that, and that’s it.” [about] state of in the world and then you see something like this and you actually understand that most of people decent.”

West Yorkshire Police said they received a report of broken-down vehicle between junctions 29 and 30 of M62 shortly after 15:15 on on Saturday and found that a potentially serious collision shunned like result of actions of a driver.

representative for in force said: “When the officers arrived on scene, it was determined that driver of in carman in he is 70 years old and had a medical episode. It was also determined that car was pulled over by another motorist, preventing potentially serious collision.

“The emergency call was called and the road was blocked. in place while the man was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

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