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Fact Check: Exposure false Viral tweets about Abbott and Cruz after mass shooting in Texas

On Thursday, the Twitter account became “My Cancer Journey.” posted three tweets tale these were the total ten of thousands of times others on Twitter before it was taken down.

The tweets are allegedly written by someone whose nephew was shot dead. in massacre at Robb’s elementary school. The tweets claimed that an Abbott rep knocked on the door. on their door, shortly after they returned home from identifying his nephew body, and that this representative “informed us he is willing to pay us stand with government and say we don’t need stronger gun laws.”

The tweets claimed that the governor’s spokesman then threatened them with “accusations and possibly worse” if they talked about the conversation — what the rep even said was “people get hurt and disappear all the time.”

In total, three tweets were retweeted or quoted more than 67,000 times and liked more than 240,000 times. A lot of of these shares were of the liberals who opposed Abbott and Cruz. While some wondered story was real or not, others took it’s like genuine.

Facts first: viral story about Abbott fake. The My Cancer Journey account deleted three viral tweets. on Friday, then the bill was disabled completely. That man behind account insisted in short Friday phone interview with CNN what unknown human who somehow got access account was posted tweets as a “prank”. But the man refused to explain series of past tweets from long before the Uvalde massacre, in who is he made a wide variety of other sensational and highly dubious claims about his life.

This was stated by the representative of Abbott Rene Eze. in email: “This has not happened and will never be allowed.” She said Abbott would never let an employee show up unannounced in grief familydoor in in first place.

Speaking Friday in distraught tone, man behind the account claimed that he and the lawyer were trying to figure out out who was real poster of tweets. He also claimed they had reported the alleged account intrusion to “authorities” he did not name.

Rachel Millman, social media editor of the New York edition of the Observer, did a lot for of in research in history of suspicious statements from the My Cancer Journey account. Various others on Twitter also raised questions about the account before CNN contacted the person on Friday.

False claim about Cruise’s tweets

Another Twitter user blamed Cruz of tweeting the same three sentences after 12 different mass shootings, only changing location every time.

This tweet is from a user who goes “chavito” on Generated twitter and rap stage name Kali Kev. more over 17,000 retweets and quote tweets, plus more over 43,000 likes.

“Chavito” wrote“These mass shootings happen so often that Ted Cruz actually had a template ready to tweet whenever they occur– adding an expletive and calling the situation “wild”.

Viral tweet featured collage of 12 Images Showing Cruz Tweeting The Same Words over as well as over: “Heidi and I passionately raise up in prayer children and families in terrible shooting in [location]. We in close contact with local officials, but the exact details have yet to be revealed. Thank you heroic law enforcement and first defendants for act so fast.”

Facts first: Eleven of 12 Alleged Cruz Tweets in viral collage fake. Cruz tweeted those three sentences after the massacre in Uvalde, but No after any other incident.

That man behind account “chavito” did not respond to the request for comment. Cruz office confirmed that the senator tweeted this message in response to the massacre in Uvalde, but not in response to any others.

Some other Twitter users criticized Cruz. for using some related language about prayer and law and order, in his tweets about some past executions. It’s fair game. But the accusation in the viral tweet was that he used the same three full sentences after 12 shots, and that’s just No true.


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