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facilitates of a job politics: Bhagwant Mann takes a leaf out of Arvind Kejriwal public Consultation book

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led by Punjab government fired public Consultation practice on Ways to improve ease of a job business in Punjab.

as part of This initiative, Punjab governmentheaded by Chief Minister Bhagwant Man, has sought views of traders from small shopkeepers to industrialists, on Eliminate unnecessary licenses and attract investment.

Over the years, the AAP has periodically requested public Opinion on various Related issues politics And rule under a model that I summarize party Supremo & Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal in His book “Swaraj”, in who called him need for Governments to embrace the elements of participatory democracy.

It all started in December 2013, when the AAP made Amazing selection debut in Delhi with 28 seats in The 70 members of the assembly. The party Then he conducted a “referendum” to seek public Views through “jansabhas” or rallies and sms on the question of joining hands with The current Congress, who lost the ballot, in in order to form first-Start government.

Then many accused that the “referendum” was Kejriwal’s “stunt” for prevention public Cash over AAP’s attempt to take help from Congress against Which party built It is an anti-corruption movement that prompted it to do so power in The first place. But for AAP, it marked the beginning of Many such straight public Consultation exercises that party Since then in regular periods.

In 2015, after forming government in Delhi, this time with The absolute majority, Nusrat AAP for “Referendum” on full Country for Delhi. Later, the recognition that the Indian constitution does not contain any provision for AAP held referendums, AAP conducted an opinion poll on The issue.

In 2015, the AAP exemption held ‘Mohala Sabhas’ across Delhi for the gathering of people’s opinion on how to use budget money means for public Good. a year Later, I sought public Feedback through email, IVR and SMS on Application of Singles and Doubles car legalization scheme in The national capital.

Share AAP Leader in The party’o decision-making said public Consultation exercises were mostly the brainchild of Kejriwal. “In some cases, even administrative routines decisions they were announced fast after public communication. that it good optics, makes people I feel involved and in In some cases it is way to build political issue for Which cause. “

Logic behind Like public Bids for feedback will be announced in Kejriwal Book Launched in 2012 in Jantar Mantar. “You have to make a change around the place people Take it all decisions and implementation left in the hands of The elected actors,” states his book.

Citizens are owners in democracy. Citizens have given the right to parliament and the government Takes decisions on on their behalf, for their well-being. but the governmentThe parliament Legislatures flagrantly abused this right… It’s time for us citizens to take it back The right that we gave to political parties, politicians and government Officers to take decisions on on our behalf for our well-being? Go Kejriwal on to write in writing.

Even during the Covid pandemic, Kejriwal government sought public Opinion on several occasions over unlocking of Economic activities, transportation and borders in Delhi.

Face with difficult task of Nomination of a key ministerial candidate in Punjab in In recent association polls, the AAP . was again handle public Consultation before choosing a man. The party Later claimed that over 93 percent of 21 lakh people who replied over Phone calls and WhatsApp” endorsed Mann’s name as CM face.

After seven weeks of taking it over like Punjab CMman has now made for him first directly public Consultation move on Administrative issue.


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